UK Top for Digital and Physical Game Purchases

The latest figures from NPD show that UK gamers buy more games than their US and European counterparts.

The report shows that the UK rates highest for physical and digital games sales. In Germany, sales are split equally between physical and digital, while French gamers favour boxed games.

When it comes to gaming devices, the UK has the highest number of console owners, while iPhones and other app devices dominate in the US. Germany has the highest population of PC gamers and French gamers prefer handheld gaming devices. In Europe traditional handhelds and app devices hold equal share, but in the US the traditional market is being squeezed out by smartphones and tablets.

"Digital distribution provides the games industry with an opportunity to reach consumers on a global basis faster than ever before," explained NPD Group’s video game industry analyst, Anita Frazier. "Gaming is a global business and one that needs to take into account the unique dynamics within each country. It’s critical for the industry to better understand these dynamics, including consumer preferences for acquiring content as well as device usage. This is information that can be used at both a strategic and tactical level in order to reduce risk."

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