The UK Online Gaming Industry Soars in 2016

Gambling has always been big business, as far back as early casinos set up in French parlours. 2016 was a record year for the online gaming industry, as there were a perfect storm of positive influences. While other businesses were rocked and unseated by Brexit, the gaming sector remained unshakeable.

At the end of the financial year, businesses in this sector were reporting big profits as more people than ever tried their luck on these games. There’s a plethora of reasons why this is the case but at the root of it lies innovation. Innovation of new games, bonuses and tech is the lifeblood of this industry, with new games leading the way in the industry.

Rewarding players has become common in this industry, as they can expect to get freebies whenever they sign up to a new site. This has allowed the consumer to vote with their feet and give their custom to sites that make the most of it. This has allowed the popular sites to generate more revenue and continue to thrive in an otherwise tricky market.

Sites that offer online bingo are becoming particularly adept at figuring out exactly what their players are looking for. They know that bingo online players, like those at are looking for value for money above all else. This means that they offer larger bonuses and online bingo perks like loyalty points to keep them coming back for more.

The growth of this industry is a fairy tale story when many other UK businesses are suffering. The lasting effects of Brexit are affecting many businesses in the area, as the value of the pound affects much of their day to day costs. This has created huge problems for industries like supermarkets and suppliers, but this digital industry seems to have skirted much of the lasting effects.

More people in the UK are gambling now than ever before, thanks to technology making it far more accessible. This means that devices like iPads are fast overtaking desktop computers as the most utilised devices for online gaming. They are much more popular and regularly used, so this is a market that mobile based sites are adept at tapping into.

The continued success of this industry also helps to refresh the UK economy and bring in money through taxes. This is a win, win situation for the people of Britain, as they get to play the games that they love and the sites pay their dues to the government. This symbiotic relationship has a wealth of benefits to both parties, so if this sector does well then they’re creating jobs for UK game creators and boosting business.

The future seems bright for this industry, as it seems that nothing can get in its way. There will be even more new technology coming later in the year to shake things up and the gambling industry are always early adopters of these trends. These may include further innovation with regards to graphics or sites to make the action feel even more immersive.

If their pioneering past continues to be the case, then players will head to these sites to try the next big thing. Many years ago, online gambling games were rudimentary and couldn’t stand up to the video games that we’re so accustomed to.

Now, they may even adopt virtual reality before a big console developer has a chance to put their own masterpiece out there, which would be an impressive achievement. The gaming landscape as we know it is changing and online gambling might just make up the largest part of the gaming industry before we know it!

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