Twofish Economy Engine Used By VastPark


Twofish, Inc., the first-of-its-kind economic platform provider for online entertainment properties, today announced a licensing agreement with virtual world platform developer VastPark for the Twofish Elements economic engine.

Twofish Elements is an exclusive technology that powers online economies by allowing partners to simply and dynamically control banking and inventory policies. By seamlessly integrating Twofish Elements into its virtual world-building toolset, VastPark is extending this unprecedented economic control to its end users. Once Elements is integrated into VastPark, non-technical users will be able to create and administrate their own currencies and virtual goods, setting fine-tuned parameters for pricing, scarcity, and individual attributes about each item.

"This is a new step in bringing economic power to the masses," said Bruce Joy, VastPark founder and CEO. "We also see it as a fundamental way for us to build value in our platform, as it allows for the creation of realistic, responsive and highly customizable virtual worlds."

"This partnership with the forward-thinking minds at VastPark will bring to life the innovative functionality of Twofish Elements," said Lee Crawford, founder and CEO of Twofish. "For the first time, everyday internet users can incorporate real economies into their virtual worlds, providing a new level of depth and realism."

Twofish Elements was conceived by Twofish founder and CEO Crawford, whose unique expertise across game engineering (at Yahoo! Games,, and Segasoft Networks) and transaction processing (Trintech, Inc.) has translated into industry-changing insights and technology. Founded in December 2006, Twofish has been venture funded by Venrock and Rustic Canyon Partners.

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