Transport Tycoon Rolls to Mobile


Independent games publisher and studio Fingersoft has launched Transit King, an original, modern-designed, transportation-themed tycoon game from debut developer BON Games. Transit King is free to download today with in-app purchases on iOS and Android devices via the App Store and Google Play, respectively.

Transit King takes players to Transit, a bright planet filled with colorful green islands locked in fierce economic competition. Since each island is missing key resources, trading is essential to transforming your slice of the world into a massive transportation empire. Develop your own island by delivering goods to the places that need it, shipping raw materials and ingredients from farms and mines to factories and cities to meet their growing demand.

As these cities grow, you’ll need to search for more resources and invest in more high-tech goods to keep your island prospering. Players will start out with just a few old trucks, but as the wealth rolls in, better and faster vehicles using new and more advanced roads and infrastructure will become available.

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