Topware Enters North America


Topware Interactive Inc. has officially entered the North American market as both a publisher and distributor of PC and console entertainment software. All three principals of Topware Interactive Inc.: Alexandra Constandache -owner, Dirk Hassinger – CEO, and James Seaman – Managing Director, are part of the prominent European game producers, Zuxxez AG of Germany.

Headquartered in Las Vegas, it is the mission of Topware Interactive Inc., to not only release new and back catalog Zuxxez titles, but to provide a well founded and ethical means of distribution for all third party developers. "We have thought about publishing in the United States for quite some time, but were waiting for everything to fall into place before we made that move. The upcoming release of Earth 2160 in September, the sequel to the smash hit and critically acclaimed Earth 2150, gives us a great starting point for Topware Interactive – as the title did very well at retail in North America." explains James Seaman.

Topware Interactive Inc. will be making an official announcement on it's complete release schedule prior to E3.

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