What are the Top Video Gaming Tendencies to Anticipate this Fall?

With August gone, it’s now time to welcome the most exciting gamers’ season – the fall, as this is the time when geeks of all corners of the world gather at the largest gaming conventions in the world. For example, the world’s big three gaming industries of the US, Japan and Australia prepare to host Carnegocon, Tokyo Game Show, and Melbourne International Games Week and PAX Australia, respectively. However, it seems that Australians are also getting up to speed with the casino gaming world with the success of their recent biggest Gaming Expo in August. With their humble $1.23 billion in gaming revenue, betting could significantly boost video games’ popularity. Let’s face it, modern-day video games have changed significantly due to the attraction of many gamers to real money opportunities online and via mobile video slots. This is not necessarily a bad thing, as casino sites have also adapted to incorporate a novel, highly graphic gaming outlook. If the poor Australians are still way behind the Americans and the Chinese in gaming revenue, the casino slots might really be part of the answer. However, stricter restrictions may apply, so for the sake of Aussie gamblers, the online page of www.slotswebsites.org/types/pokies/ is dedicated to slots gambling in Australia. Going back to gaming, however, we can’t hide our excitement about the most anticipated games for this fall. The remainder of 2017 truly looks to have pulled its aces from its sleeve!

2017 Best-sellers

The first half of 2017 has proven very prolific for the gaming industry, as we started to see some regular new hardware updates when Nintendo Switch outperformed PS4 and Xbox One in sales. These improvements were coupled with a blockbuster storyline and high-end suspense of not only the mainstream all-time favourite like Grand Theft Auto but also three other games of independent taste. With the release of Resident Evil 7: Biohazard, we can safely say that there’s no place for past mistakes in the video gaming world. The game swiftly became one of the top 10 best-sellers in 2017. The deeply atmospheric horror has built up on its previous version and surely will make for a great Halloween night. The fans of the highly successful Stranger Things now can also enjoy the new Stories Untold which allows you to play in four different dimensions while it quietly sets the trend for immersive storytelling. Our third best game of 2017 is dedicated to the fans of the mortal arts. Absolver is no ordinary combat game, however. Playing against real counterparts, you’ll surely spend months practising your moves before you manage to win a duel, which is what makes it so addictive. Also, last week gamers had their last chance to pre-order NBA 2K18, which sensational graphics of the 3D pitch makes for our 4th bonus best-seller. It might seem that we’ve already got all the best out of 2017, but the fall has many more surprises to offer.

End-of-the-Year Gaming Surprises

Speaking of surprises, the new much mightier Xbox One X will launch on 7th November, possibly as a response to the earlier Nintendo success. With this hardware boost, there will several worthwhile games to watch out for. A pronounced tendency in most successful games is the feature of dark, atmospheric graphic design and an unforgettable storyline that grasps the players. It is through beauty, elegance, suspense and horror that games now trap gamers for hours, and the expanded multiplayer first person Destiny 2 is no exception to the rule. Good news is that it’s already available for purchase. Several days ago, another long-awaited game made it to the online carts of millions of players, Square Enix released Monster of the Deep: Final Fantasy XV, offering fishing competitions in a world very much like Final Fantasy’s universe. October already looks very exciting, with blockbuster titles like South Park, Assasin’s Creed Origins, and Wolfstein: The New Colossus coming out your way. South Park: The Fractured but Whole is a pickle, as it was supposed to be released a year ago, so this truly be a moment in gaming history. The most prolific gaming developer this year is surely Guerilla Games, the maker of Horizon Zero Dawn, released in the first half of 2017. On 7th November, we’re welcoming its sequel The Frozen Wilds which is set in a new beautifully made northern area of exploit. By the end of November, gamers and fantasy fans will also get their hands on Star Wars Battlefront 2, featuring a storyline based on the three trilogies and a vicious single-player mode.

What to Look for in 2018?

It’s not only that we’ve now had a solution for the long Christmas holidays when family members love to annoy each other, but we also know that there will be tomorrow in 2018 with these top three video game releases at the start of the year. Metro: Exodus by Deep Silver will certainly not make you warmer during the first few dark months of 2018, but as demonstrated at E3 2017 Xbox pre-show conference, it will continue speeding up the pace of the post-apocalyptic gaming market. Our second choice is Anthem which was met with an ovation at the pre-show conference, because the game casts a novel third-person approach to missions, building up on games like Horizon: Zero Dawn and Fallout. The big surprise of 2018 is no other, but the giant Ubisoft who will come out with the sequel Beyond Good and Evil 2. Yes, you’ve heard it right. After 15 years of silence, the game promises to awe and scare even the most dedicated Resident Evil’s fans.

Bonus Tip

If you’re thinking to pre-order some of the games, make sure you know where to find the best deals. Today, the pre-order culture is huge everywhere around the world, and there’s no going back from that, as watching eye-watering game trailers will only make us believe that we’ll miss out if we don’t act quickly. At least, this was the initial concept behind the pre-order trend some 10-15 years ago, but today is really about proving your dedication to your gaming masters. It has turned into something like a Harry Potter book release and a welcome bonus at some of those best betting sites listed on SlotsWebsites.org. So, thread it carefully and pre-order only these games that will make for lasting entertainment months after their release.

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