Top Tips for Betting on Dota 2 Matches in 2022

More and more people are becoming interested in eSports. However, to be successful, you need both a good knowledge of the rules of specific games and betting strategies. In this article, we will look at betting on Dota 2, one of the best-known eSports titles. Learn the most effective strategies and bet money on Dota 2 with a greater guarantee of success. 

Where to bet, with or without money, on Dota 2

To bet and thus win, you must first become familiar with Dota 2 betting sites. Currently, there is a very long list of them, which, especially for beginners, causes great difficulty. For experienced players, this allows you to play even more successfully.

It is important to compare the odds that Dota 2 bookmakers offer. The better the odds, the more profit you will naturally make, which is your goal after all. It takes time at first, but later on, when you are familiar with most Dota 2 bookmakers, you will understand which ones to trust. 

One of the most crucial things to keep in mind is the safety of your betting. To guarantee you receive your money, always check if the Dota 2 gambling site is licensed. Sometimes that kind of information is not available on the site. In that case, it is better to find another site than to take a relatively big risk. Your money is at stake, but above all, you are sharing your personal information, which you probably don’t want to be misused. If you want to choose the right Dota betting site see more information here.

Gambling on Dota 2 requires knowledge of the game 

This is actually where you should start betting on Dota 2. It is the basic and probably the most effective strategy. In order to bet more effectively, you should get to know the rules of the game better. The main goal is to destroy the enemy. It is a 5v5 game; each team has its own fortress protected by multiple towers. Each player chooses their Heroes from 122 characters. Everyone has different skills, which depend mainly on their roles. The virtual currency in the game is gold. You can get it for destroying enemy buildings and killing creeps. It is needed to buy items and special tools that increase abilities. Dota 2 betting operators sometimes present the game’s rules, but it is worth delving into the topic. More detailed information can be found on the official Dota 2 website. 

Dota 2 betting – types of bets 

For beginners, we suggest starting with the simplest of bets. This would be the Moneyline or predicting who will win the game. Every Dota 2 betting site allows this type of bet. Another type of bet is Totale. If you decide on this type, your task is to determine whether the total number of a given factor in the match will be higher or lower than the given parameter. There are also prop bets. These are related to various game details, such as who will shed blood first. However, such Dota 2 betting requires very good knowledge of the chosen team. If you are sure about it, though, bet on Dota 2 because such bets allow you to win big. 

Special Dota 2 betting

The more experienced and familiar you are with the rules of the game, the mechanics and the individual teams, the more creative you can be when betting on Dota 2. You start by betting on the winner, and then you can allow yourself to predict the more detailed moves of the individual players. For example, you can bet on which team will destroy the tower first or whether the game will last longer or shorter than the Dota 2 bookmakers state. If you know the players and how they play, bet on their stats, such as assists and kills. Learn more about special bets and choose your own strategy.

Factors to look out for when betting on Dota 2

Several aspects will allow you to increase your gaming efficiency and become more accurate when betting on Dota 2. It’s important to become thoroughly familiar with them early on and not underestimate the changes that are taking place in these areas.

  • Statistics – the basis of successful betting. They are crucial for all bets, and you need to be up to date with them. They are what keep you informed about the current performance of each team. 
  • Team play – Dota 2 is a team game, so it is not only the form and skills of individuals that count but also the cooperation and atmosphere in the team. 
  • Meta – this is the most effective tactic at the moment. You should know that the situation in Dota 2 changes very quickly, so it is crucial to be able to precisely adjust your strategy to the given situation on the map. 
  • Online or offline – there are two gaming options – offline, when the players are in the same room, and online, when the game is played from a distance. Why is this important? Players often play differently online and offline, which is certainly influenced by peer pressure. 

Nowadays, there are a lot of Dota 2 betting sites that offer various bonuses, special bets or payment methods. However, successful betting depends not only on choosing the right site but also on knowing the rules of the game and current statistics. It is best to start with the simplest and most predictable bets. Once you get to know the players better, start betting on their detailed moves, allowing you to win more while having more fun.

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