Top Selection of Online Co-Op Games

If you’re stuck at home due to the global pandemic, the chances are that you’ll want to kill some spare time. According to statistics, gaming sales all over the world saw tremendous jumps during the pandemic. With everyone stuck at home, many seasoned players started spending more time gaming. In addition to that, gaming communities expanded, and newcomers joined in to experience the fun. While solo games are exciting, many people wish to spend time with their friends online. All you need to make this dream come true is a stable internet connection, some playmates, and an online co-op game.

Fortunately, there are many games that you can play in any part of the world as long as you have a decent internet connection and a device to support your gaming escapades. We’ve created this list of top co-op games that you should definitely check out with that in mind.


Ready to become a ghostbuster? Phasmophobia is a relatively new indie game, categorized as an addition to the psychological horror genre. Some have already labeled it as the best horror game of 2020. It supports teams of 4 players that face endless tasks of finding evidence of paranormal activity in various locations. While it might sound intimidating, the gameplay of Phasmophobia has a unique experience.

Once you venture into haunted buildings, you can communicate with ghosts by speaking to them. Also, there are certain words to trigger ghosts and make them appear. Additionally, each solved case rewards you with the money that you spend to buy better equipment. For instance, you can get cameras, flashlights, motion sensors, and various other cool stuff. Then, identifying the paranormal entities becomes all that easier. Beginners can start easy, and more seasoned horror fans can dive deeper into more spacious and frightening locations like abandoned buildings.

So, convince your friends to play with you and search for some ghosts. If horror is not typically the go-to genre you enjoy, make an exception for Phasmophobia. Despite its serious attire, this game has surprisingly fun gameplay. If you get too scared, you can always come back to the safe van and monitor your friends via surveillance cameras.


Here’s a real treat for all fans of online gaming action. If a meditative martial arts experience sounds eye-catching to you, that’s only because it really is. Absolver takes you on a journey of discovering your inner strength. You’ll need to prove you can stand up for yourself.

Make friends through fisticuffs, create a team of up to 3 players, and conquer the game. Even though the game world is small, there are quite a few bonus dungeons in there. The more you collect these bonuses, the more the game encourages teamwork.

What’s really great about this online game is that you can initiate spontaneous friendships through hand gestures throughout the game. Find other players from all over the world, make friends, and communicate with your team members to make this adventure like no other. Fighting is good, but you should learn when to fight and when is the right time to communicate. Absolver can teach you this and a lot more.

A Way Out

A Way Out isn’t going to bring anything new or extraordinary to the cooperative action-adventure gaming table. Fortunately, it does offer something that makes it stand out from other games – you can monitor the other player at all times.

The game uses an intuitive camera system that allows you to monitor your character and the other players within range. More importantly, this game is all about teamwork. You and the other player will often be required to work in tandem to conquer obstacles and complete missions. To make things even better, if you own the game, your friend can download and play it for free.

Assassin’s Creed: Unity

What is to be said about Assassin’s Creed that all gaming enthusiasts don’t already know? However, innovative additions might just make this game the best out of all Assassin’s Creed series. Well, we can start by saying this is probably the most fun and visually ambitious co-op experience on the internet at the moment.

Find three more friends and team up to scope the streets and corners of late 1700s Paris in a mutual effort to complete various objectives and missions, ranging from killing Austrian spies to escorting Napoleon to safety. Combine action and stealth to complete your missions successfully.

Stay Safe

To make sure nothing disrupts your sessions, we recommend you use a gaming VPN. It will ensure you have the right speed and amount of privacy to dive deeper into your favorite activities without experiencing annoying interferences. ISP throttling is also a problem, meaning that some ISPs can limit speed if they detect bandwidth-heavy activities. Not surprising, but gaming is one of the red-flagged processes. Additionally, a VPN will conceal your IP address from competitive gamers and other intrusive parties. With such protection by your side, you can enjoy all that online co-op games have to offer.

Happy gaming!

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  1. If you want a share a lots of gaming content with friends or a long story line with all kinds of different mods/line ups etc. I would recommend PayDay series!

    The guys behind the game still makes new content to this IP which was release back in 2013! Crazy to think that update 200 was just release some weeks ago! According to reviews it is fun entertainment & actions, with a lot of bullets flying!

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