7 Ways Students Can Better Manage Gaming Time

Gaming is an unessential part of life but is surprisingly beneficial if the optimal amount of time is spent. However, many teens today abuse their allotted time limit of the day by playing overtime. If you or your kid categorizes in this group, stick around to manage your gamer time.

Prioritize your time

Every person is unique in their way: their personalities, desires, choices, and various things. Something the same is with the way of gaming. This technology-driven world has provided us with several different kinds of games, such as:

  • Sports
  • Racing
  • Action

Just like everyone is unique, teens possess different liking to different games. This is one of the primary reasons why most of their time is wasted deciding whether to play which kind of game. So in order to manage your gaming time, the first thing you need to proceed with is to list out all the games with a specific gaming mode, you desire to play at the moment. After doing this, your next task should be to eliminate all those games from the list you have recently played. This will refresh your mind and will bring a change in your gaming life. When you are done eliminating out, you will have to trim down your list even more. This is because you can not afford to waste your precious time on more than two types of games a day. So in the end, choose wisely about the game you will pick, as they will be the only ones you get to play in the whole day. If you take my advice, go for the ones which you think will have fun and in which you are pro. However, don’t deviate from your allotted time of gaming as it can hinder you from completing your college assignments such as an essay. Although if you do lose track of time and are about to miss out on your essay because of the deadline being near, you can always pay for essay online as their services are quite fast.

Complete All Your Work First

How can I control my gaming time? A question asked by many of my addictive gaming friends. In my opinion, a person should only take out the time for playing their video games after they have completed their work entirely. Students these days spend a significant amount of time watching television or playing Xbox compared to the time spent on reading. So if you are a parent, force your kid to complete their college assignments or homework first. If your child still resists in doing their homework, incentify them with a reward after the completion of their work. For instance, after completing the homework of a single subject, reward your child with half an hour of game time. You can always increase the levels of your incentive game by permitting bonus hours of gaming time on the condition that your child completes all of his homework in a given specific time.

Write a Gaming Schedule

Scheduling is a method used to control your time allotment towards a particular task. It is a significant thing which is used in almost every aspect of life. Preparing a schedule will be of great help if you use this technique for managing your gaming time. For instance, you get home after a tiring day of college as you had a match of basketball. You got home and went straight to bed knowing you have at least two assignments due tomorrow but are left with no energy to prepare them. You wake up after a four to five-hour-long sleep fully recharged for your work but with no time left to study as you have college tomorrow. So you start your work while completing it in a hurry and submitting it the next day. After a week, you get your results which are poorly graded as your work was not up to the level your teacher was expecting. So you think about where you went wrong and keep asking yourself the reason it happened.  It was all the game of not making your schedule first if you think about it.

Spend a night not playing games

How to get better at video games? A question asked by many gamers online. There were several answers I came across. One of the answers I found which I highly contradict of stated ‘put extra night hours in practicing the game.’ This approach is entirely wrong and should not be used. There is a reason the natural order of the night is assigned for the sleeping of an average person. So what if you can’t pass a level or defeat the final boss of the game. Everyone faces an obstacle in a game that they can not overcome immediately. Instead of wasting your sleeping hours in such situations, go to sleep. Wake up the next day and start the game with a fresh mind.

Spend Less Time in Gaming Room

It is easy to get distracted for students in this technology-driven world, especially with too many gaming gadgets lying around in the room. Refrain from spending vast amounts of time in your gaming room because the more you are closer to distractions, the more these things tempt you to play them. However, if the temptation is strong and is hindering you from completing your college essay, exit your room and sit on the dining table in the kitchen and resume your work. If you still spend a lot of time in the gaming room and can’t handle home assignments you better find a cheap essay writing service for a perfect outcome.

Schedule one game at a time

Scheduling one game in the whole day or a specific time is a challenging method and is not used by students at all. However, if you decide to limit your game time to a specific amount of games per day, my advice would not be to go all the way with a single game per day. Change takes time. Gradually decrease the number of games you play per day and when you reach playing a single game in the entire day, consider your environment optimal. Many students complain that this method is impossible to use as after completing your work and playing a single game, you are still left with ample time to kill. This leads you into playing a second game. In such situations, my advice is to start writing video game essays as it will keep your attention diverted towards the exciting topic. Also, it will improve your writing skills simultaneously.

Hopefully, these tips mentioned above will help you in managing your gaming time efficiently while not compromising your work simultaneously. However, it does not mean that you should entirely give up your gaming life. It may not be essential, but still benefits. Until then, play hard, work harder!

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