Top List: Online Games You’ll Probably Wish You Knew Sooner

Playing games have become so much easier than it used to be. You can be mobile, play against people on the other side of the planet and also enjoy a wide variety of different games. With many different genres and games online, here are a few of the top online games that you wish you’d known sooner with all the benefits they wreak:

Online casino

Playing an online casino game is a whole new experience that sets these games apart from the rest. Bringing you the thrill, excitement and stakes of any casino, a casino online can be a great source of fun. You get to place your bets, experience an adrenaline rush while you wait for the results and be just as excited to gamble. The best thing is that playing this sort of game online will give you more benefits that aren’t available in a normal casino. This can include free spins, bonus rounds and lots of other offers, you’ll be able to unlock the more you play. But it is undeniably the sort of gaming experience you wish you’d come across sooner.

Mind challenging games

Not all games were created just for fun. There are games that you can find online that are specified for a specific purpose. You can use them to improve your memory, train your brain to focus better and increase your concentration and attention span as well as improve your IQ levels.

Memory games involve games that bombard you with different options and you need to remember the sequence or unlocking certain options to find the matching pairs. This helps train your memory to collect the information and focus on the details that it took for granted before.

You can also play, riddles and brain teasers to challenge your mind into adopting new ways to analyze, think and make connections. These games can be so much fun, with a whole lot of benefits involved, too, that you won’t even feel that you’re wasting time playing.

Video games

While you’ve probably played many video games before, if you had known how beneficial they were, you’d have a reason to spend so much more time playing. Depending on the type of video game being played, the skills that it enhances can differ but most of them work on these key sets of skills:

  • Coordination

While looking at the screen, you learn how to stimulate the brain into coordinating your vision, hearing and physical movement all at the same time. You need to react very quickly that it improves your coordination immensely.

  • Problem solving skills

When you’re playing and are surprised by an obstacle or villain all of a sudden, you learn to overcome that problem and create new solutions in order to pass the level. This trains the brain to scout the available options, make an analysis and come up with creative ways to move forward which immensely improves your problem solving skills.

  • Improves memory

Another way to improve memory is by playing the same game over and over again. Every time you die due to an obstacle that surfaced all of a sudden, your brain will make the connection and remember to avoid that obstacle in order to continue playing. This helps improve your memory all while having a whole lot of fun.

  • Enhances multi-tasking skills

When you’re playing a video game, you need to focus on the screen, be alert, observant and also move the joystick in a speedy manner. You will need to use the various options on the screen that gives you speed, power, weapons or a new life and use the shortcuts on joysticks at the same time to access them. This ensures that your reactions are according to the observations you make, improving both your decision making skills as well as your multitasking skills.

Building games


Over the past decade, using building blocks to create worlds have been a huge hit. One of the reasons it is an extremely popular game is that it is not only fun, but it really enhances creativity. Building something out of nothing and being given the chance to explore different options to create whatever their mind wants, is a great reason to play these kind of games. And who knows, you might find the secret architect in you come to life.

When having fun, you can have a whole lot of benefits that come with it, too, when you choose your games wisely. So, the next time you have a problem you need to fix, find the right game to help you with a solution and play your troubles away.

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