Top 9 Tips to Become a Better First Person Shooter Player

Every gamer wants to achieve success in his field, and what’s even better is to earn money by doing what he likes. Nevertheless, it is important to remember that this is a way of a lot of hard work and practice. You need to be able to put the time and effort into watching your replays and fixing your mistakes.

In this article we are going to show some tips on how to become a much better first person shooter player.

1) Let’s start with the basics. If your frames drop on less than 30 frames per second, then you will obviously have a major disadvantage over other players. You can’t expect to be able to be as fast as you possibly can, when your pc is slowing you down. Lower the graphics, get a better PC or else you’ll never be the best version of yourself. This includes your internet connection as well. If your ping is over 100, you will also start being slower and there’s nothing you can do about that, unless you play at a server close to your location or change your provider.

2) Make sure you play with the proper equipment: a proper keyboard and a proper mouse, both wired is highly recommended. You might say that you’re used to it, but just wait until you get used to these bad boys and you’ll notice the difference immediately.

3) Let’s talk about the gameplay though. The biggest mistake that newbies make is just running towards corners or open areas without caution. You can’t just run past corners full sprint because that limits your response time. The other will get you and you won’t have time to react as fast as he will. This is what you mustn’t do. That way you are ready to fire as soon as you sight the enemy, not as soon as you stop and then aim, you will already be dead by then.

4) Realize that close quarter situations are different than ranged. Depending on the game, in most cases in really close quarters you shouldn’t aim down the sights, and in mid to long ranges it’s absolutely essential. Why? On close quarters you will most probably have to cover 180 degrees of sight if your enemy tries to avoid you or move to the side.


5) Use your gun. Whenever you run out of ammunition while the enemy is in front of you, it’s like a guaranteed death if u just try to reload hoping he misses. Press 2, and use your handgun immediately. Once you master this, you’ll be able to rack up kills that would otherwise be impossible.

6) Movement and dodging. It’s essential that you learn how to move in each game. In Battlefield 3, moving and jumping till you get to cover while reloading when getting fired at, can be a life savior action. Going Zig Zag and jumping can also help avoid sniper headshots which will help you survive till you reach a safe position. In Call of Duty, lots of players prone immediately upon contact and kill the enemy before he has time to even move the cursor downwards to kill you. Or in Unreal Tournament you jump off walls and double press movement keys to change directions fast. Each game has its’ own set of mobility features, some of them even provide deposit bonuses for players. Find out what they are, and develop your gaming style!

7) Learn the maps and choose your guns. It’s really important to understand how some maps work. Some maps have a way to get behind enemy lines. Some maps have some areas that might have some enemies hiding. Or even some maps have some advantage points where you can shoot from height with cover, to an open area that enemies advance. Learn this and you’re guaranteed to outsmart the enemy on a few occasions. Be sure to always choose the gun of your choice, as long as the gun itself has some potential. Some guys are normally inferior to others in some situations. Choose your combat style and adapt.

8) Patience. Stop wanting to get kills. Stop being obsessed with killing and you’ll instantly become better. Good players don’t just aim good and have good reflexes. They are able to tell in which situation it’s wiser to rush or wait. And usually, the hard thing to do but the right one as well, is wait. For example, you see a friendly dying like 10 meters ahead of you, right behind a corner. So there’s obviously someone there. Maybe more than 1. Will you risk facing him up close, without knowing if there are more than 1, or will you wait for backup, behind cover till they get past corner and bam! After that, it’s time to advance with caution.

9) In the end, it all comes down to practice. Practice will help you get better aim, learn the maps, discover your favorite weapon and understand the mechanics of each game. Not all FPS games are the same. If you’re a Call of Duty regular, you might be able to adapt to Battlefield games, Dirty Bomb, Counter Strike and countless other games of similar style. But some games like Unreal Tournament, are totally different and some tips are not working in this game, but for the most FPS games out there, that’s what you must do.

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