Top 5 Games to Start Learning about Online Casinos

Online casino industry is expanding rapidly, with more seasoned gamblers making the switch to casino gambling on the internet over visiting a land-based operator. Convenience, bonuses, improved RTPs and random number generators among other things have played a critical role in reshaping the industry.

But it can be intimidating trying to join the train if you’re a beginner. It’s evolving fast and often offers gameplay alien but more intriguing than its land-based counterparts. You don’t have to worry about such challenges, as the subsequent paragraphs reveal information on popular casino games that can help you navigate and ease your transition into this new world.

Here we share the top five best casino games for beginners to learn about online gambling.


You can’t beat the classics. It’s impossible to think of a casino without this game coming to your mind. It’s one of the easiest games when it comes to playing. All a player has to do is match patterns on the machine. Slot machines are the favorite casino game for man, and to think that the original developers didn’t intend for it to gain such popularity among players. They initially had them installed to keep players engaged while waiting for the tables.

The learning curve is simple: an attribute that makes it number one on the easiest casino games chart. All you need is to push a button, and in the case of online gaming, click one and watch the magic happen. In the world of internet gambling games, there are more variants here than in the traditional classic ones. You get the chance to try variations such as steppers, jackpots, video slots, and more.

Their mechanics are often similar, irrespective of variant or title, but things like themes and patterns differ across the group. Many casinos offer free spins on their slot game machines. You can get one as a new customer or a returning player, provided you meet the deposit and account requirements.


Among other popular casino game types, roulette is what a beginner should try out first. It features simple gameplay. You can pick between red and black or even and odd numbers on the roulette wheel. A correct prediction after the spin earns you a win. If you feel that lady luck is in your corner, you can pick a precise number to win up to 35x your wager.

Roulette is slow-paced, with plays lasting longer than those of other the best online table games. This attribute is a plus for both novice and seasoned gamblers. You get to spend more time relishing the gaming experience and lose slowly on a bad day.

Before selecting a game to play, you should check the lower betting limit, starting from this point if you are new to it. You need to know everything from making the first deposit to withdrawing funds from the account if you want to play it safe and not run into scammers. You can read a review of online casinos with CAD support to avoid such mishaps. Reading online casino reviews provides you with information on most popular online gaming platforms that allow the use of Canadian dollars and avoid additional problems and difficulties.


It’s best not to delve into a casino game with little to no idea of its rules. Dealers are always on hand to help you out, while on the online scene you have a plethora of resources to help with guidance and information. Good casino operators always provide you with a guide of their games to follow and sometimes offer demos to aid you with getting the feel before wagering real money. So, it’s best for a novice on the casino gambling scene to start things with easy games, and one such option is Craps.

The Craps game features easy to learn gameplay, where you get to bet on the outcomes of a dice roll. As a newbie, you should avoid wagering on high odds; preferably, go with the “Pass Line” and the “Don’t pass” system. Here you wager between a player and the house, predicting who comes out tops on the table over a specific run of plays.

Going with the “Pass line” means you’re backing the player for victory, while the “Don’t pass” pick means you’re with the house on this one. It essentially comes down to a 50/50% chance, but careful analysis can help direct you to make the correct predictions.

Video Poker

If you’re looking to ease yourself into the world of online gambling, then video poker is one of the best online casino games to help you achieve this feat. It’s similar to slot games as both offer instant gameplay and payouts. What sets top casino games apart is that the former requires skill rather than the latter’s need for luck.

The basic idea of a video poker game is to have the best five-card poker hands possible. You can aim for a full house, two pairs, flush, and more. One of the winning strategies many gamers employ is using strategy cards during games. This action can save you at least 3% during sessions, a number that becomes significant with each consecutive play. Once you understand how it works, it’s easy.


Blackjack is just as risky as it’s exciting. Its rules boil down to getting your cards as close as possible to 21 without going over this figure; a play termed a bust. Ace can represent one or eleven, while the official cards, such as Kings, Queens, and Jack’s, all represent 10 during gameplay. Gameplay involves a mix of strategy and fun. If the croupier shows a single-digit play, there’s a higher chance that their next card would be a ten.

Online you’ll find variants of this game available. They feature the same gameplay mechanics but differ in themes, designs and more. The casino game starts after completing your wager with the dealer dealing two cards facing up to all players at the table. After which, they proceed to deal themselves the same number but with one card facing down.

It’s left to you to decide your moves after analyzing the casino game based on the cards at the table. Are you going to hit, stand, split, or surrender? What action gets you closest to 21 without busting?


Playing any of the listed games online can help ease your way into the world of internet casinos. They offer the best chances of winning with their low house edge values. So, it’s helpful for a newbie looking to begin casinos gaming to get started with any one of our top best games.

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