Top 10 Myths About Games on Real Money in 2019

What do you think about gambling online and offline? This entertainment activity is fun and sometimes, pretty profitable in terms of real money, but it can also be extremely risky. This is all true, but there are also many online casino myths that each of you might have heard at least once.

A lot of players don’t have a clear understanding of various online casino games and the principles of their work. Therefore, they believe that gambling venues trick their customers, users can outplay slot machines or affect a roulette wheel with a proper strategy, and that all existing casino games are rigged. Another bunch of myths includes various opinions about responsible gambling and addictive gameplay, for example.

Overall, there are dozens of misconceptions. In the guide, we will review the biggest myths and will try to either dispel or confirm them. Explore the following list to learn a bit more about online casinos and the best ways to interact with them.

Let’s start with our tips!

Myth 1. Bookmakers Know Outcomes Beforehand

Okay, let’s begin with sports betting. Bookmakers also deliver real money games to customers so this myth should be listed here. Think about bookies as businesses similar to stock markets where demand and supply are connected, as well. You have definitely seen that bookmakers change odds regularly because this is their response to market conditions and other factors. Still, why would they do this if they had clear knowledge about all events’ outcomes?

Myth 2. Casinos Always Cheat

This idea is extremely popular among newbie gamblers. But it’s totally wrong for most of all casinos online. The truth is that gaming operators already have odds stacked in their favor or, in other words, they have a house edge. Put simply, it’s a legal strategy that allows casinos to take a small percentage of each bet. As you can see, these businesses don’t have reasons to cheat.

Wherein, we don’t deny that there are scam websites that are up to no good and really trick their clients. They launder money, steal funds, and disappear suddenly when you want to cash out. You can spot such gambling sites by reading the users’ casino reviews, checking whether they are licensed, exploring terms and conditions, as well as the “all rights reserved” stuff. Don’t trust suspicious casino sites and better stick to fair ones.

Talking about software providers such as Microgaming, or NetEnt team, they also carefully watch for the quality of their products. Top-rated brands understand that they should create safe, secure, and transparent games to attract more clients. These developers also place well-tested apps on offer so they can improve the brand’s presence at regulated markets and earn more money.

Myth 3. Online Gambling Is Illegal

Well, this myth isn’t completely true for the entire world. Different territories set different rules and regulations. Some countries like the UK have legalized online gambling fully so they are great for players, others prohibit all related activities or only specific forms. For example, Australia has banned the delivery of the Internet gambling services, but the laws here don’t provide any penalties to local citizens that play online. In the United States of America, only New Jersey, Pennsylvania, and Delaware allow online casinos to function while other states only consider introducing these laws or prohibit online gambling at all. So, to be in line with the state laws, always read the privacy policy and cookie policy!

And remember, the principle “what happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas” doesn’t apply to online casinos.

Myth 4. Only Luck Matters

Although almost all gambling activities rely on the luck effect, the role of gamblers’ skills is important, too. There are games (video poker, baccarat, blackjack, etc.) that require proper planning, designing strategies, and lots of calculating. Still, they are also the games of chance to some extent.

Myth 5. Only Skill Matters

Similarly to the previous myth, this one isn’t completely real. Apart from skill-based titles, the majority of games depend on luck only and can’t be beaten with your knowledge. Slots, roulette, table games, lottery, bingo, and even Live Casinos’ offers (known as Live Dealer games) are almost always fortune based. Just accept this fact.

Myth 6. RNGs Have Different Streaks

Apart from a highly popular myth about rigged games (which is also hardly possible because of the reasons described above), gamers think that machines follow specific patterns, or behavior.

Well, do you really think that casino software can ‘think’ beyond the algorithms integrated by developers? It is based on random number generators – easy programs that run thousands of operations per second and choose the number by chance when you spin the reels. The results are random and there are no instructions for machines like “display jackpot three times in a row” or “never let people win after 8 a.m.”.

Moreover, there are several organizations that control the real randomness of these machines. eCOGRA is the most famous of them so look for certificates from this brand to ensure that the games listed at a given site are unbiased.

By the way, these facts are valid for phone and mobile casino projects (Android, iOS, etc.) and free modes, too.

Myth 7. Gambling Addiction Doesn’t Exist

This is a total false. You can ask the experts to ruin the myth completely. In 2013, the association of American psychiatrists published the list of mental disorders known as DSM-5. It features a gambling disorder in a category of behavioral addictions. Physicians consider this illness as an addiction because of its similarity to substance-related disorders.

For addicts and people with high chances of becoming addicted, various organizations deliver professional help. Teams like BeGambleAware provide email support, create so-called step-based programs, help to deal with losing streaks and common losses, write FAQ articles with questions and answers, find a personal approach to each gambler, and so many more.

Myth 8. The Martingale System Works

Thousands and even millions of gamblers treat the Martingale scheme as the king of all betting strategies. The truth is that it can’t work in the casinos today. Put simply, this system provides for doubling your bets after each loss so, in theory, you can eventually win and return all investments plus get some profits. But the scheme has two major flaws:

  • It requires an infinite bankroll
  • It requires no-limit betting

To protect themselves from Martingale high rollers, almost all casinos now feature maximum bet limits. Thus, you can begin with $50, continue with $100, $200, $400, $800, $1,600, and $3,200. At this moment, you would already lose $6,350 but it’s impossible to double-bet again because the table’s limit is $5,000 per hand, for example. No profits, as a result.

Myth 9. Trends Can Predict the Next Result

This thing is well-known as the gambler’s fallacy. Long story short, it happens because we try to analyze past events and predict the next ones. And we just don’t want to lose. However, with casino games, this trick doesn’t work. Let’s look at a simple example. Say, you’re playing online roulette and see that it hits black 4 times in a row. From here, you can make two assumptions:

  • Black is a magnetic color so you feel that the ball will land on it again
  • Black appears regularly so the next spin will hit red because of statistics

Both ideas are wrong. This roulette can still stop at any of them. Random events don’t rely on past results and the probability of hitting each of 38 pockets is equal. It simply doesn’t depend on any previous spins.

The only exception from this rule relates to the games where conditions change. For example, in blackjack parties, each round features a different number of cards left in the deck because some of them are in your hand and the opponents’ hands while others appear on the table.

Myth 10. Your Luck Will Change

The last point is highly linked to the previous one because they both are based on similar cognitive biases. During the game, we convince ourselves that the losing streak can’t last forever. Let’s be honest – it can. Our brain is a complex mechanism that protects us from any negative stuff. So, it pushes the idea that there will be better times. For most scenarios in real life, it’s true but the gambling industry is tricky. All RNG-based events are independent and your bad luck can come once and stay. Just learn how to stop at the right moment.


Apart from all these gambling myths, remember the most valuable insight: any casino is a business. Casino bosses deliver gambling activities to real visitors or online users but they want to earn money, similarly to all other company owners. That’s why you should consider gambling as a recreational service. It’s just a game in which you pay casinos to get some experience, enjoy the time spent, chat with friends or dive into the interesting story behind yet another slot machine.

Surely, there are professional gamblers with years of practice that know how to receive profit from casinos. But they must also deal with luck. If you don’t plan to become a guru of the online casino industry, just relax. Bet only the amount you are ready to lose, because it’s barely possible to beat the house in the long run. Don’t forget that there’s a giant world outside the casino venue or website. Gambling isn’t a life, it’s only a tiny part of it. Play responsibly and watch for casino news! Hope, this article was useful.

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