ToeJam and Earl Creator Working on New Outta Our Shells Card Game

Outta Our Shells, a new family-friendly ice-breaker card game from “ToeJam & Earl” co-creator and designer, and creator of the Disney Channel show, “Choo Choo Soul with Genevieve”, Greg Johnson, launches later this year.

Ever been at home with family and wished there was a way to help everyone connect? Or attended a party, surrounded by new people, unsure of how to start a conversation? Or perhaps had friends over for dinner, where a few spoke while others sat quietly, left out? Everyone hopes for relaxed, enjoyable conversations, but often have to awkwardly stumble into them. Johnson used to find himself in situations like this, and his game designer brain came up with a solution.

Designed to help friends and family connect, Outta Our Shells encourages players to reveal interesting things about themselves, and include everyone in the conversation. A warm, adorable art style and shockingly easy-to-learn rules empower even those who don’t consider themselves “good at games” to easily jump right in. Play with as few as two players (great for dates!) or as many as can fit in the room.

Begin by drawing three Fortune cards. Whether Good or Bad, these hilarious Fortunes form the heart of Outta Our Shells. Question Cards provide prompts to get each player talking. Cat or Rat cards help everyone learn other players’ preferences. Earn points through forming deeper understandings with someone, which can then be traded in for a new Fortune. Play can happen for any length of time, and players try to end with three Fortune Cards that they are happy with.

The true magic comes from the specific charm and warm humor of the cards. Fortune cards easily inspire laughter, gentle teasing, and discussions about future plans. Question cards invite curiosity and can help make introverts into magnificent storytellers. Cat and Rat cards ignite lively debate as players argue and explain their preferences. Often players will get off track and forget about the game completely and start chatting…which just means the game is working.

“Life is short,” said Greg Johnson, “Conversations with friends and acquaintances can be so hit or miss, which is a pity when we all have so much wonderful, interesting stuff to offer. Even with those we love and think we already know, I’ve found that this game yields new surprises every time you play. It really is a joy to see people coming out of their shells and sharing themselves.”

Outta Our Shells will be available in English this year for $24.99. The Kickstarter campaign launches today with a funding goal of $10,000 USD. Backers at the $20 level will receive the game at a $5 discount. Pledge in the first 48 hours to receive a special exclusive “Thank You” fridge magnet that includes ToeJam and Earl.

Those who back at the $28 level will receive a Kickstarter exclusive package that includes the game, a playmat, an enamel pin, a fridge magnet, and a portable half-sized set of cards for restaurant play (if the stretch goal for this is met). In tiers beyond this, backs can also receive 4 acrylic Standees, one of two selectable T-shirts, boxes signed by Greg, a thank you card and laptop sticker, all of which are Kickstarter exclusives.

With Outta Our Shells’ Kickstarter campaign, all of the tiers from $45 and up include donations of the game to children’s hospitals and care homes. The companies partnering with Greg Johnson to manufacture, publish and distribute Outta Our Shells and all associated merchandise are AdMagic and Black Box, the same companies that handled Cards Against Humanity and Exploding Kittens, so quality will be extremely high.

Each box includes 250 cards, along with 6 Blank DIY cards for custom cards (providing the stretch goals are met). May 8th is the final day to pledge.

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