TLC Launches NextArcade

NextArcade ( presents a new twist on the concept of arcade games in the home as it merges the concepts of downloadable PC games from today's hottest indie developers with authentic arcade hardware for the home. Additionally, all annual GameClub members receive a FREE joystick control panel, so there is no excuse to miss out on the fun!

Alongside a portal chock full of great games, TLC Industries is launching its NextArcade line of authentic arcade hardware, designed for the home. These range from simple joystick control panels that can be connected to a standard desktop PC, to full-sized 27" arcade cabinets.

"We are all gamers here at TLC and we love playing games downloaded off the internet, but we felt they were missing something " the button mashing, joystick jamming excitement that real arcade games are known for," says James Hills, TLC Industries' Marketing Director.

Why should the word "home arcade" be synonymous only with "arcade classics" and emulators? NextArcade wants to change that concept and present today's greatest PC arcade games the way they deserve to be played. Only a 20 year veteran of the coin-op arcade industry has the experience and perspective to bring this vision into the home. NextArcade's parent company, TLC Industries is the same company that has shipped nearly half a million cabinets for arcade classics including Golden Tee, Time Crisis, PacMan, Ms. PacMan and Donkey Kong.

"NextArcade is about providing our customers with the excitement of the arcade, whether as a simple control panel for a desktop PC, or as a 27" NextArcade cabinet constructed with the same attention to detail and quality demanded by our clients including Incredible Technologies, Sega, Midway, Namco and Capcom," says Ed Bender, President of TLC Industries.

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