Throat Detonator Ships For iPhone

MusiGames, a developer of games and edutainment software, today announced the release of Throat Detonator for Apple iPhone and iPod Touch. The game gives players the opportunity to save the world using their own voice. Throat Detonator is a humorous action game with cartoon style graphics that challenges you to use your voice to defeat enemies.

"We've heard about people who can break glasses using their voice in the right resonance frequency," said Americo Amorim, CEO of MusiGames. "This is an intriguing and fun aspect of physics! When one of our developers came up with the idea of doing a game about it, we jumped in and created Throat Detonator."

Throat Detonator is played by hitting the enemy's resonance frequency indicated in a panel, either by using your voice or finger agility. The frequency panel ranges from lower tones to higher tones and pro. Enemies are defeated when you hit the right range in a fun and humorous sequence of multiple enemy attacks.

Throat Detonator has three chapters and three difficulty levels: easy, normal and hard. The game gets progressively more challenging, with more frequencies and the need to hold the frequency longer. In each chapter players fight with different enemies and at the end they will have the chance to defeat a level boss enemy that is responsible for commanding all of the attacks. Throat Detonator also comes with social features provided by Open Feint, including leaderboards and achievements.

Throat Detonator can be purchased exclusively through the iTunes App. Store for US$2.99!

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