Thief Simulator 2 Sneaks onto Steam

Thief Simulator 2 has made its debut on PC, introducing the new installment of the bestselling game that combines stealth, simulation, and adventure in a thieves’ world. The creators promise numerous innovations as well as enhancements to proven mechanics and solutions.

The first Thief Simulator is one of the most popular simulators in recent years, accumulating several million players on PC and consoles. On the Steam platform, the title currently holds an 87% positive review score based on nearly 23,000 reviews.

Thief Simulator 2 uniquely combines stealth, simulation, and adventure in a world of thievery. This first-person perspective (FPP) game offers two gameplay modes: story and free mode. Players can anticipate a variety of challenges, ranging from common houses to highly secure facilities.

Key Features of Thief Simulator 2:

โ— Maps: Dive into two large neighborhood maps featuring over 20 houses of varied sizes, each with a unique resident and unique behavior.

โ— Three heists, each with a unique location. Make your way into a resort with 6 houses full of loot, a warehouse crawling with guards, and a central bank with gold waiting to be snatched from the vault.

โ— Get better and better tools, ranging from a crowbar or binoculars to hacking laptops, stethoscopes, etc.

โ— Over 15 contracts requiring you to steal unique items.

โ— Drones and Upgrades: Scout and plan better with different drones, each offering unique capabilities.

โ— Level up your thief and acquire new skills, which allow a number of new possibilities. Learn special skills and activate unique abilities.

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