These Board Games are Resistant to Technological Advancements

Since medieval times, where folks gathered, there was some form of entertainment such as games. Board games played a crucial role in setting social circles and nurturing legends.  However, from industrialization, the world took another turn in accelerating to a more flexible lifestyle and entertainment. You can now play online slots from well-established online casinos.

As 2021 ushers in a new decade, we are expecting online casinos to accelerate faster. In contrast, the board game’s limelight will slowly fade and disappear like the morning dew! In this article, we have compiled a list of board games determined to stay afloat amid the constant mockery from internet-based video games.

  1. Monopoly

Monopoly was created just a decade earlier to the beginning of World War II in 1933. It acquired its name from by then an emerging economic term- monopoly.

In the early 1940s, most prominent people rejected the game, citing it was a weapon of destroying the economy. They said that for many people who got on the wrong side of monopoly, their resources were monopolized, resulting in bankruptcy.

In its prime ages, there were two opposing forces, those who loved and those who heated monopoly. Over the years, the monopoly faced a love-hate dilemma, but after many changes, today, monopoly is a force to reckon with! The stakes of this game surviving the coming decades are high!

  1. Chess

When we talk about resilience, chess takes the credits! This game is the breeding ground of critical thinkers and a person’s ability to solve complex problems. It was introduced in India during the Gupta Empire somewhere between 300 and 550C

Players assumed that the battlefield was presented on 64 square boards. Each player had their own strategy, from planning to staging the war, but the winner was determined by a player who corners his opponent’s king and forces him concedes defeat.

Unlike other games, chess is not about luck, but intelligence plays a great role. I believe this is the perfect board game to teach your children, and someday they will join the elite group of chess masters! It is a privilege since there are less than 1750 grandmasters worldwide, according to FIDE. Don t you think your family will be recognized as the epitome of intelligence genealogy?

Since many people are aiming for the top chess award, chess continues to multiply its fame!

  1. Clue

Other than football, England is known for homing a gaming genius, Antony Pratt, who created a Clue. This game was designed to be played by three to six players.  It is the perfect game to horn your investigative and team-building skills.

This thrilling board game takes you on a frightening adventure where you must find Mr. Buddy’s killer. It is fun playing this game, as each time; you’ll be looking for clues from a murder scene! The developers of this game are keen to keep players posted; hence, more people are most likely to join the “detectives” and solve the mystery. Advanced and newer models are available, with a new set of weapons being introduced on the murder scene.

  1. Battleship

Literally, everybody loves war!  Of course, games that involve war, not Americans vs. Al Qaeda war! If you haven’t played battleship, you are not a war enthusiast!

Created after World War I during the age of battleships, this game features many interesting kinds of stuff.  Each player is supposed to stage his war format by arranging the battleships on a specified number of squares. The size and type of the ship determine the number of squares.  Do you think if this game was introduced a little bit earlier, HMS Hood could be docking somewhere, probably as a museum?

Fortunately, it seems people are not yet tired of fighting traditionally; this game is here to stay longer despite stiff competition from its version in video form!

Despite technology’s efforts to subdue and delete board games out of the entertainment equation, the above-named games won’t fall into that trap! They are here to stay not only for the coming decades but for centuries!

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