The Tarot's Misfortune Released On Big Fish


Triple Hippo Studios, the casual games division of premier game development company, Ph03nix New Media, today announced that the much anticipated casual PC title, The Tarot's Misfortune, is now available exclusively on Big Fish Games. The Tarot's Misfortune leads players on a mysterious and dangerous adventure as they solve puzzles and uncover intriguing clues about the missing Villagers of Luzio. It will be hosted exclusively for one month on Big Fish Games, the top online destination for games and interactive entertainment, before the hidden object game is released elsewhere. Visit to play free for one hour or to purchase The Tarot's Misfortune today.

In The Tarot's Misfortune, players take on the role of tarot reader, Rosalee, who awakens disoriented in prison and must embark on a thrilling journey. Exploring the town of Luzio, players will piece together cryptic clues and find the lost tarot card deck to uncover the secrets of the village. To advance through each of the 12 beautifully detailed levels, players must uncover specific hidden objects in Luzio. Gameplay is intuitive yet addicting so both experienced casual gamers and newcomers to the genre will be entertained and enchanted.

"We believe we've succeeded in creating a game that will keep players of all levels captivated by intertwining challenging puzzles along with an intriguing storyline," said Michael Grills, Director of Operations at Triple Hippo Studios.
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