The Secret World Celebrates Christmas With Krampus Monsters

Funcom is thrilled to announce a major update of The Secret World with the launch of Issue #13: Trail of Shadows!

In this all new Issue players can enjoy stories from some of their favorite survivors in Tokyo, and come face-to-face with the darkest of shadows.

We are also introducing a new gifting system this holiday season, so players can give each other gifts from the in-game Item Store for the first time!

Krampus is making a comeback this Christmas to punish those who have been naughty, but the players can turn the tables on the Krampus monsters and use their portals to enter Niflheim and fight Hel herself! The Christmas Conspiracy and Mayan End of Days events can also be enjoyed during the holiday.

Players can get their hands on the all new Sack of Winter Cheer and Bag of Season’s Revelry, which contain tons of new Christmas items and outfits, either from the Item Store or by taking part in the events.


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