The New Slot Machine Book of Ra Magic Novomatic Launches

The book of Ra Magic is one of Novomatic’s most thrilling books in the book of Ra deluxe series. To play in high variance and fast spins, you need to be extremely experienced to avoid the frustrations. The book of Ra slot machine this particular game slot machine has not changed so much over the years. With an extra reel, you are assured of more fun and adventure. There is so much you can do with an online gaming system that nears perfection.

Overview of the slot Book of Ra Magic

The book of Ra Magic has a lot in common with the book of Ra deluxe. It is an improved online version of the book of Ra deluxe. It could be coming with a new music theme, but the overall theme remains the same, of finding treasures in the Egyptian tomb. The expanding symbols have not changed in any way. The paytable has remained the same. This is a nice thing because of the exciting Book of Ra free spins and free bonus.

The book of Ra deluxe was launched in 2008. The invention was inspired by the previous massive successes of the original Book of Ra slot machine. The game had grown in so much popularity throughout the casinos of Europe. The players gladly embraced the Book of Ra deluxe version. This is since it came with new tactics and additional play lines. The special expanding symbols unlocked whenever a player found the sun god of Ra’s fabled book. The special expanding symbols were retained for the free games, bonus and free spins feature.

From the readings and the experiences of the players of this new game, the major difference between it and the original book of Ra deluxe version is the fact it has offers nine special expanding symbols during free games and bonus. You will also stumble across free spins and bonus. There is the free-to-play version of this game that you can always use to learn before you resort to the game that earns you real money. You will surely have a couple of free spins and free bonus to carry home.

However, even as you play, it is important to remember that this book of Ra deluxe is an online slot that is extremely volatile. You must thus be sure of what you can lose before choosing to indulge. The online machines need experience and finances to handle properly. Those who are new to this need proper guidance.

Should you have played other casino slot machines in the book of Ra deluxe series before, then you should be able to realize that the experience is so much improved with this game. Triggering the free games and free spins feature has been very frustrating with the previous book of Ra deluxe versions. However, this book has low-paying symbols, such as 10. The free bonus offers will also cushion you in a big way as you explore this online game.

Since this version of the book of Ra deluxe has its fair share of problems, what makes it stand out from the rest is that each trigger unlocks extra special expanding symbols. The online gaming experience will surely be worth your time. You will have a chance to play a maximum of ninety free games and a couple of free spins and free bonus.

Conclusion on Book of Ra Slot Machine

Before its official launch, there was a lot of anticipation and excitement about the new game. Its volatile nature makes it so much exciting. It can safely be argued that this new game is just but a clone of the book of Ra deluxe. For those who might not have found the second series of the game interesting, this version may not give you so much thrill. However, it only wise that you give the online game a try. You might just be lucky to get a few free spins and bonus. Besides, there are online tutorials that you can always use to train yourself for free.

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