Computer Human Romance Explored in new YA Novel

What Love Feels Like
Dave Cunningham and C.K. Tylor

Hey all I’m back with another review. It’s What Love Feels Like by Dave Cunningham and C.K. Tylor!

Plot: The plot is both a traditional story told through typical means and through a series of what is essentially love letters. The main draw of the story is that our male lead is a computer program. However I did not enjoy this book, for a very personal reason, but it has colored my perception of this book greatly.

The story starts off pretty interesting, and while I enjoyed reading most of it, the ending of this book absolutely killed any and all enthusiasm towards this book. To say it angered me is putting it lightly. I have a few very particular personal lines that I just do not enjoy reading and What Love Feels Like managed to cross probably the biggest one.

Lucas our lead male character on being told that he’s being broken up with by Dawn, the female lead, commits suicide through self-deletion. For me that is an unacceptable plot device and speaks purely of a kind of ignorant callousness towards mental health that is much too prevalent in society today.

I struggle with Severe Depression and Anxiety on a daily basis, and it’s something I’ve come to terms with. The fact I’m not a gibbering mess when I wake up every morning, or haven’t committed suicide myself is something of a minor miracle that I’m very thankful for every day. What Love Feels like spits on my efforts and struggles and tries to make it poignant or some other such crap. I’m not having it at all, what is supposed to be a romantic story is absolutely and completely ruined by this turn of the plot.

Therefore I cannot in good conscience recommend What Love Feels Like to anyone. It speaks of that callous ignorance and perpetuates suicide as a means of being romantic, or some other incredibly arrogant concept. Some may enjoy this and find it endearing, but for me I see only a personal issue that is being mocked and belittled.

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