The Netrunner Awaken1ng Game Gets May Release Date

French independent video game studio Cube Overflow is proud to announce the release of The Netrunner Awaken1ng on Steam on May 24, 2022. The Netrunner Awaken1ng is a 3D die and retry first-person parkour game. Dash through the cyberpunk matrix in search of data, hack into security software and escape before the matrix eliminates you. The Netrunner Awaken1ng demo is already available on Steam.

In The Netrunner Awaken1ng, you play as a hacker who infiltrates the Matrix in search of strategic data. Speedrun, dive and dash, set to adaptive electro-techno music and hack your way through each procedurally generated level. In a three-dimensional, retro-neon style matrix, rely solely on your parkour skills to hack into these multiple deadly defense systems, to steal the data and escape before the Disconnect, alive.

Be responsive, precise, and make your way through the platforms, where changing gravity and new mechanics are to be anticipated.

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