The Most Interesting Facts About the Blackjack Game

Blackjack is arguably one of the most famous card games in the world. It’s been around for hundreds of years, and so far, we’ve gathered a lot of interesting facts about the game. Ever since its inception, blackjack has been at the center of people’s attention, thanks to its simple rules and the ability to pull off winning combinations in countless ways. The facts presented in this article will seem interesting to both blackjack players and those who have never played it.

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Napoleon was very fond of blackjack

From historical records, it is known that Napoleon Bonaparte liked blackjack the most. Moreover, he was well versed in the rules of the game and made his own tactics for victory. Historians write that he often won in game with his soldiers and could sit at the gaming table for hours. Many other historical figures also enjoyed variations of blackjack game, and back then the game was only available to the wealthy people. Today, anyone can play it.

Where did blackjack come from?

In fact, until now, it is not known exactly where blackjack came from. Nevertheless, experts believe that the card game first appeared in the 1700s in Italy. Then it spread all over Europe, and then around the world. Today, Blackjack is considered one of the most popular games of chance in the United States, according to statistics, a third of the country’s residents play it. And now thanks to you can play it online without leaving your home.

Ban on Games

Back at the beginning of the last century, blackjack was banned in the United States. Nevertheless, this only increased the interest of citizens in the game. In the 19th century, blackjack tournaments were held regularly in different states, usually in some underground clubs. Officially the ban was abolished only in 1939. Since then, all gambling has been legalized in Nevada.

The connection to baseball

When blackjack came to the United States, various slang expressions immediately began to appear in it. Since baseball has always been an insanely popular game in the States, some of the terms were taken from there. For example, the player who sits to the left of the dealer is at first base, and the one to the right is at third base. Experienced players often prefer third base. The bases terminology came to blackjack from baseball and is still used by the Americans to this day.

Big profits

Strangely enough, but blackjack is considered not only the easiest game of chance, but also the most profitable. The fact is that it’s the only card game that gives clients of gambling clubs an advantage over casino. No other game offers such an advantage, and in some forms of roulette the casino has a greater chance of winning than its players. However, this is only true for blackjack in land-based casinos, since at online clubs all the cards are mixed by using a random number generator. As a result, the chances of winning at an online casino for its customers become equal.

An amazing success story

Finally, it is worth telling about FedEx founder Frederick Smith, who was helped with his business by blackjack. At one time, the guy faced financial problems, and he decided to visit the city’s casino. At the time, it was the craziest venture imaginable. Smith took his last $5,000 and sat down at a blackjack table. A few hands later, the man left the casino with $27,000 in his pocket. That was enough to pay off his debts and start his own business, perhaps if not for blackjack, we would have never known FedEx today.

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