The Most Anticipated Games in 2021

The gaming industry expanded significantly in 2020, and a lot of new people have become gamers. New Year is the time for the release of sequels, add-ons, and new game titles. However, the untrained person doesn’t know what games to expect in 2021. Here is a list of the most anticipated games to be released this year. Check this out.

Resident Evil Village

This game is a direct sequel to the seventh part but focuses on mysticism rather than a human-made virus. The special agent will visit a mysterious village and face a powerful clan of mythical creatures led by Lady Dimitrescu.

Creepy Vampire Woman from Resident Evil Village
Meet the Creepy Vampire Woman, Lady Dimitrescu, from Resident Evil Village.

The developers promise that gamers will experience unexpected plot twists and new realistic graphics. The game will be released on all modern platforms. By the way, the developers have significantly improved the engine, so many of the effects will be more realistic.

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Super Mario 3D World

If you are a Nintendo fan, you should wait for the release of this game in February. The creators of the original WiiU version felt it was time to update the Switch release graphics. The familiar adventures of the Mario brothers, original levels, and challenging puzzles await you. A new game engine and improved animations ensure a unique gameplay experience. Also, the developers announced new levels and improved controls.

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Monster Hunter Rise

This game is the continuation of a whole series of role-playing games. The plot revolves around the confrontation between people and monsters. Players will unite into clans and hire companions to fight giant creatures and collect valuable artifacts. The game is exclusive to the Nintendo Switch. The main plus is that the Monster Hunter universe’s world is easy to understand, even for a beginner. The local backstory is told initially so that you will have enough motivation for the plot and online battles. The release is scheduled for late March.

New Pokemon Snap

This cute game is a remake of the original Pokemon Snap, which was released back in 1999. Players should expect improved graphics, new locations, and creatures. The developers decided to use a new engine and slightly changed the concept of creating Pokémon photos so that beginners can quickly understand the game mechanics. Overall, this is one of the few games that does not offer combat and violence.


Now it’s time to talk about shooters. This game has an original storyline. Your character is placed on an island and is in a time loop. To find a way out, you need to kill eight seers who create a cyclical reality. The problem is that another killer is hunting you. Every time you lose, you have to start over.

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Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time

This is one of the most anticipated remakes in 2021. Unfortunately, the developers are not yet ready to give an exact date. According to the plot, the prince of Persia needs to use the dagger of time and the hourglass to return to the moment of the attack on the enemy’s castle. This is necessary to bring back to life all those who are dear to the young ruler. According to the developers, the game will have the same storytelling and story arcs. Another aspect is a modern game engine and improved combat animations.

Far Cry 6

Many players liked the Far Cry series due to the abundance of action scenes, an interesting plot, and charismatic antagonists. The new game has an original setting. The events unfold during the civil war in a country that is very similar to Cuba. You have to fight and lead the people to independence. Unfortunately, the developers have not yet announced the exact release date, but insiders hint at the end of the year.

Mass Effect Legendary Edition

If you have played at least one of the Mass Effect games, then you probably know about the great setting, special effects, and an interesting plot. The Legendary Edition is a three-part collection of the franchise that will receive cosmetic and gameplay improvements. Players will have to become Captain Shepard again and lead the troops to victory. The release will take place this spring.

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