The Metaverse: Next Level Gaming

With many technology leaders making bold predictions about the immense impact of the Metaverse, also known as Web 3.0, it is more than expected that the gaming industry and related platforms will go through ground-shaking innovations.

Many of the more technical users are likely to wonder what does RAM do for Metaverse functionality and if Meta, Samsung, and Apple release new types of devices more equipped for the Metaverse?

This impact could be related to areas such as ecommerce, gaming, recruitment, collaboration-meeting platforms, health care and social media.

Bill Gates and Mark Zuckerberg are incredibly bullish on the prospects of the Metaverse and its multi-faceted impact on the web. Bill Gates has recently made some Metaverse-related predictions that the Metaverse will be used for work meetings within three years.

Let’s delve into some areas which will potentially impact gaming or gamification of business applications, including how cyber security is a vital piece of the puzzle.

The Cybersecurity Impact

The Metaverse’s impact on cyber security, specifically in the gaming industry, is broad and far-reaching. As everything cyber becomes more fun, that fun can turn into oversight and complacency.

The first step for gamers and any metaverse cyber user is to ensure a reputable cyber security solution for personal and business use.

If that is not in place, the first and most sensible step is downloading a free trial from such reputable players in the personal and business cyber security anti malware anti-virus space.

Free trials span typically for no more than a month. In reality, if you review the product for about thirty minutes daily in a focused manner, you will reach a firm opinion. This is especially true if you have coupled reputable third-party reviews and long-term customer testimonials to the mix.

Once you have reached a firm decision, the next prudent step would be to purchase the full version for at least two years. Strong cyber security protection is one challenge; ensuring that it is uninterrupted is another layer. So keep track of that as well once you have purchased the product.

Bill Gates & The Gamification of Work Meetings

Bill Gates has recently predicted that most work meetings will be conducted via the Metaverse. In other words, it is a kind of a “gamification” by adding an entertaining twist to work meetings besides the entertainment value, where employees can be in more immersive and engaging meetings than a typical Zoom or Teams meeting.

Body language, which accounts for most human communication when it pertains to understanding core elements of a conversation, such as emotions, will be next level. Employees experiencing Zoom or video fatigue can use their personalized 3D digital avatar instead and still fully engage in the meeting.

Next Level Gaming Interactivity

Gamers can take gaming interactivity to the next level via VR and digital avatars. Interactivity can be more life-like and immersive, where real identities can remain anonymous while real emotions can be more vividly expressed via a personalized digital avatar.

From gamers to spectators in esports and much more, the future is looking innovatively bright with the Web 3.0 Metaverse.

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