Terraforming Added To Perimeter

Codemasters, a leading global publisher of interactive entertainment, announced today a unique tactical element for Perimeter, the company¹s real-time strategy science fiction PC game scheduled for release in Spring 2004. A first for real-time strategy gaming, Perimeter offers players the ability to terraform environments by drastically altering planetary landscapes and allowing for the extraction of vital energy resources from its planet surface. A new movie detailing the terraforming feature is available at: www.codemasters.com/perimeter.

In Perimeter, rather than harvesting a resource from a particular location on a game map, energy can be extracted from anywhere in the game play environment. However, with energy extraction only possible at the ground zero level and up to four players competing for limited resources, players must strategize quickly to terraform hills, mountains, valleys and craters into flatter terrain. In addition, other landscape influences such as underground weapon explosions, destruction by creatures, volcanic eruptions and earthquakes will add to the strategic experience. Players who seize and control the most landscape, in turn, control the most energy during play. Energy is used throughout Perimeter to expand bases, transform units, increase territory and limit opponent options.

Building upon an established following based on its theme and innovative play tactics in both single player and online/LAN multiplayer games, Perimeter is developed by KD-LAB and will be published by Codemasters in Spring 2004 for PC.

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