Tech Camps Get Game Pads

The Get Up & Move! campaign continues to build awareness of the exercise benefits of playing dance video games by donating RedOctane Ignition Dance Pads to all 35 iD Tech Camp locations. iD Tech Camps host weekly Dance Dance Revolution events for their technology summer campers to experience this innovative game that stimulates the mind as well as providing exercise on the dance pad controller.

"RedOctane launched the Get Up & Move! campaign to show kids that a pastime they already love can be the key to becoming more active," said Dean Ku, Vice President of Marketing for RedOctane. "We’re donating our Ignition dance pads as an extension of the campaign with the hope that kids will become aware of the benefits of gaming as a means for exercise and weight loss."

In their 6th season of operation, iD Tech Camps provides weeklong day and overnight summer programs where ages 7-17 experience hands-on tech fun with the latest technology. Located on university campuses nationwide, the program provides beginner to advanced courses in video game creation, digital video movie production, computer programming, robotics, web design, digital music editing and more.

"Dance Dance Revolution is such a blast," said Alex Corelli, iD Tech Camps student. "Most games teach eye-hand coordination, but DDR teaches foot-eye coordination with the added challenge of teaching you to think very fast."

Karen Thurm Safran, Vice President of Marketing for iD Tech Camps stated, "With Dance Dance Revolution and the RedOctane Ignition pad, now our students can exercise their bodies in addition to exercising their creativity and stimulating their minds as they produce a technology project."

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