Team Bondi Enters Administration

Troubled LA Noire Developer Team Bondi has entered into an administration process in Australia, a step before bankruptcy. Technically, an administrator will now try to re-focus the company so that it can return to profitability. But sources inside the company say that many of the staff have already left or been offered jobs at a different firm.

Although LA Noire was a huge commercial success, the company had been rocked by scandal with workers alleging unfair labor practices, lack of overtime pay and even being snubbed in the game’s credits. Because Team Bondi is an independent studio, its tarnished reputation may have made it impossible for them to find new work despite the hit under their belt.

Develop Magazine, which broke the administration story, claims that many of the staff of Team Bondi is being transferred or offered jobs at Kennedy Miller Mitchell, another Australian firm. Team Bondi itself has not responded to questions from reporters or issued any statements on the matter.

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