Taruko Deluxe Tries for Steam Greenlight

Leading publisher of Japanese independent games, Rockin’ Android, announces today that their 3D action-puzzle game, Taruko Deluxe now awaits your vote at Steam’s Greenlight. Taruko Deluxe, our latest acquisition from Japanese developer ClassiC of Crescent Pale Mist fame, is a fast paced 3D action-puzzle game that is both addictive and challenging and will test your gaming skills to the limit.

Check out the trailer below, and if you want to play it yourself, please vote for Rockin’ Android’s release of Taruko Deluxe. Once approved, the game will feature translation in multiple languages, plus an optional remixed soundtrack.

“Taruko Deluxe stands apart from the crowd, with its “just in the nick of time” gameplay that requires perfect timing, rapid fire reflexes and delivers a unique and delightful experience.” Says executive e producer Enrique Galvez, “As we continue to expand and diversify our catalogue of games, we are extremely excited about bringing you Taruko Deluxe. ”

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