Sumea To Publish Activision’s Pitfall Mobile

Sumea Set to publish Activision’s highly-anticipated action adventure title PitfallR: The Lost ExpeditionT for Java and Brew mobile gaming platforms.

Sumea announced today that the company has signed an agreement to license Activision, Inc.’s upcoming multi-platform game PitfallR: The Lost ExpeditionT for mobile gaming platforms. The Pitfall mobile games will be set in jungle, glacier and cave worlds from the console game, and deliver a rich episodic gaming experience through three distinct downloadable games set in each of these environments.

Activision will release Pitfall: The Lost Expedition for the PlayStationR2 computer entertainment system, the XboxR video game system from Microsoft, Nintendo GameCubeT, and Game BoyR Advance in February 2004. Sumea will release the first episode of the Pitfall: The Lost Expedition mobile game, The Jungle, simultaneously with the console game to guarantee a true multi-platform game release. In addition, the mobile version is linked to the console game through unlockable cheat codes.

The first episode of Pitfall: The Lost Expedition, challenges players to locate a legendary artifact that is guarded by a Giant Monkey. The adventure takes place in distinct locales including jungles, swamps, under water, and ancient ruins. The game features 16 levels in which players swing on vines, jump on crocodiles, swim, dive and sling rocks to defeat dangerous enemies.

The Glacier and Caves episodes are targeted for release in April and May 2004. All three mobile game episodes will be widely available through Sumea’s extensive distribution network in the U.S. and Europe, and through wide mobile handset support.

"Our partnership with Sumea will successfully bring one of Activision’s proven franchises, Pitfall: The Lost Expedition, to the mobile gaming market," said Dave Anderson, Senior Director of Business Development for Activision, Inc. "The ability to unlock console cheat codes by playing the mobile game delivers an enriching cross-platform gaming experience."

"Activision is one of the leading publishers in the interactive entertainment industry and we are very proud to work with them. We believe this partnership is a perfect match: Activision has excellent brands and expertise from traditional console games, whereas Sumea can leverage its extensive distribution channels and top-notch talent in game design to deliver high-quality mobile gaming experiences. We strongly believe this is a great way to enrich our current product portfolio and will provide added value to our customers and gamers." said Ilkka Paananen, CEO of Sumea.

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