Sugar Games Releases Rainbow Web

Sugar Games announces today the unveiling of Rainbow Web. From the never-never land of fairies and elves comes the legend about the Rainbow kingdom. Many peoples lived happy lives there, until the evil haze shadowed the idyllic world. Spider, a wicked and mighty wizard, cast a spell on the land and its citizens and spun a web around the kingdom. Poor fairy creatures are waiting for the hero, someone like you, who could break the spell and bring peace to the Rainbow kingdom. To do this, you must pull letters out of the web to restore a real name of the game scene. As soon as all names are restored, the kingdom will return to sunshine.

Rainbow Web trains your logical sense and ability to think under time pressure. Along with awesome graphics, Rainbow Web shines with saucy music, specially written and recorded for the game. This is not another Tetris or Zuma rip off and is based on different game principles. You start each game
level with beads, which are randomly scattered over the web. Beads come in different colors. Much of the game-play revolves around developing solutions how to make a line of three or more beads of the same color. You do this by swapping two beads with the mouse. Once you have the line, the beads disappear, adding to your score.

Some beads have letters on. You must remove them to collect letters and restore a name. If you do this, you remove the spell from the current game scene and go to the next web with letters. From time to time the game drops a hint about what beads you should swap to get a line. For all its seeming simplicity, the game is a real brain teaser. It will try to perplex you by offering webs of bizarre shapes, where certain links are torn. This adds more challenge to the game-play, as it becomes much harder to swap beads on the web with missing links. As you go from one web to another, the number of missing links increases, and so does the game challenge.

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