Sugar Games Announces Edges Family Title

Sugar Games is excited to announce the release of Edges, a totally new
and highly addictive logic puzzle for players who want to enjoy a fresh exciting gameplay and bored with playing another Lines-style puzzle. In Edges you must get the maximum score by moving chips onto the checkerboard and combining them with randomly appearing extra chips to make up matching chip patterns. Patterns explode and you score!

Edges is a fresh logic game for puzzle lovers of all ages. Your playground here is a clear checkerboard in the center and four checked sideboards with two lines of chips coming in red, blue, yellow and green. Your objective is to get the maximum score by moving chips from the sideboards onto the checkerboard and combining them with
automatically appearing extra chips to make horizontal, vertical or diagonal patterns of three or more matching chips. The more chips explode, the higher you score. Besides you can score more by exploding several patterns one after another. Note! Three extra chips appear on the checkerboard unless your move finishes in an explosion. The game is over when the checkerboard is filled up with chips.

Playing Edges can be anything from very easy, as in the Easy Mode, to very complex as in the Hard Mode. For all its seeming simplicity, playing Edges is highly addictive and challenging as you have to show
your analytical and planning abilities. While providing different gameplay experiences, Edges offers clear, nice graphics, amazing visual effects and a full-screen display option. High score saving option lets you save your name and score to see how well you or your friend is playing the game. Cool music and sound effects will ensure that Edges
offers the most exciting gaming experience ever!

"We are excited about the rapid growth of Sugar Games" said Michael Tretyakov, CEO of Sugar Games. "We believe that players are going to enjoy experiencing our puzzles that offer all-new and extremely
addictive gameplay. We are also pleased that Edges, our recent project, is becoming increasingly popular with puzzle lovers. Experts have called this game "an inventive puzzle that is easy to learn" and as having "an almost chess-like quality: as players have to show their analytical and planning abilities to get the maximum score." I firmly believe that Edges will become top of our customers’ wish lists this summer!"

Edges runs under Windows 98/Me/2000/XP/2003 and costs $19.95 (USD). The trial version of Edges, hosting all game functionality, can be securely downloaded at

Registered game users are entitled to unlimited play, free updates and technical support.

Founded in 2003, Sugar Games is a team of software developers, artists and musicians who are dedicated to producing interesting family-oriented games, distinguished for all-new gameplay, innovative mechanics and high playability. Recently, the company’s title catalogue has expanded and now it includes such popular games as "Seasons" and "Edges." A lineup of new games is scheduled for release in July, August 2004.

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