Studio Error 300 Releases Free to Play Satirical Idle Clicker Propaganda Inc.

Studio Error 300 has announced the release of their new clicker style game Propaganda Inc. It launched on January 3rd and can be found on Steam, AppStore and Google Play where it is free to play. One can build their empire from scratch and become an overlord of the galaxy!

Propaganda Inc. focuses on growing your wealth and power with the use of money and influence. The more powerful one becomes, the more influence they gain and fuel their corporate propaganda machine. By upgrading your headquarters and employees, the player will be able to gain power and with the use of propaganda tools use their influence to gain wealth. The player can aim as high as they wish, becoming the president of their country or the leader of the whole world.

Propaganda Inc. is designed and published by Error 300, the creators of Mosaic Chronicles while Next Level Agency is responsible for marketing of the game. In the game players will be able to see historical facts and trivialities associated with those, giving an overview of the history of the world propaganda. The game will offer Premium pass for those who want to build their empire and take over the world faster.

Propaganda Inc. launched on January 3, 2023 and can be found on Steam, AppStore and Google Play where it is free to play. Get ready to run your well-oiled propaganda machine and climb your way up the success ladder. Only you can determine the scale of your success and influence as Propaganda Inc. has no limits.

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