StarLadder Major Berlin – The New Champions Stage

The second and the last Major CS:GO tournament in 2019 is the Major in Berlin. The prize pool of this tournament is wopping $1,000,000. What to expect from this tournament? Who can reach the grand-finals? Who will win it? Stay tuned and find out.

The New Champions Stage

This is the last stage of the tournament and it is also known as the Playoffs. The majority of favourites are already out and only 8 teams remain. The teams that managed to qualify are ENCE, Renegades, Vitality, AVANGAR, Astralis, Liquid, Natus Vincere, and NRG. By qualifying for the Champions Stage, those teams got “Legend Status” and they will be automatically placed in The New Legends stage on the next Major CS:GO event.

The teams in this stage are seeded by using Swiss scores & “Final ELO Ratings”. That means that we got 4 opening matches and we already know who can play against who in the semi-finals.

ENCE vs Renegades
Vitality vs AVANGAR
Astralis vs Liquid
Natus Vincere vs NRG

What to expect in the Grand Finals?

The first Major CS:GO tournament in 2019 was IEM Katowice. We all remember that ENCE and Astralis met in the very Grand-Finals. As it seems, it can happen again. If both teams win quarter-final and semi-final matches, they will meet again in the major cs go 2019 final. Astralis won 2 last Major events and if they win StarLadder CS:GO Major, they will be the first team that ever won 3 consecutive Majors. Those guys can make history and they know it. It is no secret that the era of Astralises dominance is over and this is their last chance to rise up again. However, their performance seems good on this tournament and if they can pull this off, they will once again be on the top and make the dream come true, as the would do for you. What’s stopping them?

ENCE did not drop a single map on this tournament and Astralis almost got knocked out by newly formed Balkan team CR4ZY. I believe they may meet in the Grand-Finals again, the only problem is that ENCE is ready now. They are in the top form, the crowd loves them and they want their revenge. It is still soon to talk about this. Both teams have to reach Grand-Finals first. Who knows? Maybe both of them will get knocked out in the quarter-finals. Whatever happens, it will surely be fun to watch.

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