StarCraft Cartooned for an Exciting Gaming Experience

StarCraft transforms the game into a cartoon and makes everybody go crazy! Here comes a new look for StarCraft Remastered, which becomes StarCraft Cartooned.

What’s that?

This is a product destined to become one of the most popular series on the web because there are so many fans of the game. The product is exciting and fun, a bit like the Mohegan sun casino, even though obviously these are different game types and StarCraft is still the best for fans. Blizzard and CarbotAnimations have made available a new graphics package for Starcraft Remastered and it’s certainly not a fanmade mod indeed!

StarCraft Cartooned is the cartoon version available on the net and it works only if you have StarCraft Remastered. A very well done graphic work by Carbot Animations, which has made every aspect of the game into a different form. The possibility to play with StarCraft Cartooned online is intriguing, so the challenges with other players become something specials that will deliver surprising effects and strong emotions.

StarCraft Cartooned is really an amazing product, try it and you will easily notice the new graphic look of each unit, structure and map, whose style is clearly the work by Carbot Animation. They also own the famous Youtube channel and they are known for offering a lot of cartoon-style video games. A classic yet different gaming experience: the graphics are very eye-catching, fun and colorful. Each frame has been modified to make it much more attractive.

Although at first glance it may seem that the game has been made with Flash, it’s not: it’s made with the best graphics and computer techniques, it’s a high-level product that you’ll hear about for years, with a fantastic dynamic that allows you to study strategies in real time.

Everybody likes it so much, that’s what you can read on the web. It’s a fascinating and fantastic new way to play.

If you are at the first game, you can start immediately with a single player campaign, while if you are already experienced you can try to face opponents on the multi-player ladder but if you have passionate friends then you can try to customize your games and play with them.

A high-level digital experience that you have to try at least once: after, you will be bewitched and it will be difficult not to complete at least one game.

The original science fiction game, StarCraft, gets an update and becomes a real strategy game where an intergalactic battle between Terran, Protoss and Zerg will take place with a very engaging soundtrack. A style that since the early days has made the latest version of StarCraft a must have for all players.

Which one of you has already played it? What do you think?

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