Square Enix Releases Rocket Slime


Square Enix, Inc., the publisher of Square Enix interactive entertainment products in North America, announced today that DRAGON QUEST HEROES: ROCKET SLIME, the latest entry in the franchise that has sold more than 40 million units worldwide, has shipped to retailers across the nation. Developed exclusively for the Nintendo DS handheld system, this adventure from the creators of DRAGON QUEST VIII: Journey of the Cursed King has snatched enough praise and awards to turn it into the prized piece of plunder that the industry's top editors just can't stop talking about.

Groomed for his debut starring role in North America, the loveable slime from the DRAGON QUEST series embarks on a colorful quest filled with humor and excitement for players of all ages. Set in the delightful kingdom of Boingburg, players will encounter a wacky and loveable cast of 100 unique slimes and dozens of different enemies. With its simplified controls, the game allows parents, children and casual gamers to have no problem jumping right in, and enjoying the captivating adventure. An innovative and addictive tank battle element makes full use of the Nintendo DS dual screen functionality, creating an exciting experience that can be enjoyed by up to four players at a time.

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