Sony Adding Halloween Fun To Several MMOs

Sony Online Entertainment will be summoning the spirits, spooks and skeletons with the upcoming Halloween-themed activities and in-game events taking place in several of its hit online titles including, Star Wars: Clone Wars Adventures, Free Realms, EverQuest, EverQuest II and Star Wars Galaxies.

Star Wars: Clone Wars Adventures: Sith O’Lanterns and Battle Droid Scarecrows have taken over the JediTemple! The inaugural Halloween celebration in Clone Wars Adventures adds plenty of creepy-crawlies around the virtual world. Players can participate in the daily Mask Handout to collect a new iconic mask each day, including YodaTM, Jar Jar Binks, Padmé and Grievous! Players can also dress up their characters and droids and decorate their houses with festive items available for purchase in the Marketplace. R2-D2’sTM Rocket Rescue minigame celebrates with a special spooky Halloween-themed level, complete with a ghost costume for R2-D2. Clone Wars Adventures Halloween celebration is scheduled to begin October 22 and run through November 5. Live in-game Halloween "Emissary Events" are scheduled for October 27 and 29 and November 5 at 3 PM PST/6 PM EST. For more information please visit

Free Realms Super Spooktacular: Players beware… werewolves and vampires are taking over in Free Realms this Halloween with the return of Super Spooktacular! With new werewolf and vampire costumes, and a new questline in Blackspore Cemetery to determine which freak is more frightening, the harrowing-fun Halloween update features daily trick-or-treating, creepy quests, in-game parties and lots of costumes for players and their pets. Join the Super Spooktacular in-game fun now through November 17! Free Realms is never going to know what bit it! The Free Realms Community Team is also scheduling live in-game costume parties to celebrate the Super Spooktacular. For detailed information on Super Spooktacular, please visit

EverQuest: EverQuest players will soon learn that the Scroll of the Skinwalker is wreaking havoc on Illis Taberish and all of the innocent people across the lands. In this spooky quest, players are challenged to track down and take down the Skinwalker before he traps the souls of the innocent and feasts on their flesh. Visit Rhaeda to learn the location of the Skinwalker’s den before this terrifying new quest disappears November 7. For more information please visit

EverQuest II: This year’s Nights of the Dead celebration returns with the all-new Nights of the Dead Devotee questline to EverQuest II. New Halas is decked out with spooky decorations and Gigglegibber Goblins. Players can also purchase new costume illusions from holiday merchants and revisit their favorite quests and events from past Nights of the Dead celebrations, including trick-or-treating in Qeynos and visiting haunted houses in Freeport, for new rewards! Nights of the Dead is scheduled to run through November 8. For more information please visit

Star Wars Galaxies: Jabba the Hutt welcomes you back to the most fright-filled celebration in the galaxy – The Galactic Moon Festival is returning to Star Wars Galaxies! Spooky fun and ghoulish rewards await players who dare set foot in the eerily shrouded cities of Moenia on Naboo and Mos Eisley on Tatooine. A host of haunting characters in these cities leads the way to all the tricks, treats and terror-filled events of the Galactic Moon Festival. Dress up in outrageous costumes, trick-or-treat through the streets of Moenia and Mos Eisley and use coins to purchase special rewards. The Galactic Moon Festival is scheduled to run October 21 through November 16. For detailed information, please visit

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