Brother, Can You Spare A Dime?


A fellow online game reviewer, Angry Joe, said it best: this month should be called BROKETOBER!

And from what I’ve seen so far, he would be right not only about this month, but next month as well. Even without games being out yet I’m already hurting money wise with all the stuff I recently purchased, am going to purchase, and what I want.

The games alone are causing a huge dent on my wallet. Castlevania Lords of Shadow, Fallout New Vegas, Call of Duty Black Ops, Assassins Creed Brotherhood (if it is as great as AC 2 was,) Dead Rising 2, and Fable III are on my covet list. Normally I would say I have a backup plan for this, called Gamefly. The problem is they have messed up bad this week. Despite having an open spot on my plan, and placing Fallout New Vegas on the #1 spot on my Q, which usually means it will be delivered at launch, it was immediately placed at "Low Availability," meaning that my chances of getting it look unlikely in the near future. Looks like another purchase for me.

But even with those standalone titles I have on my list, Gamefly won’t help me out with some of the other games I have on my want list. Take DJ Hero 2 for instance. Sure I have the original game, and can use its turntable controller (and compatible Guitar Hero/Rock Band microphone) to play, but I want the full double turntable and mic experience. So if I want to get the second turntable, I could buy one separately, as well as the game, but it would make more sense to pay $100 for the turntable bundle, or even $150 for the Party Bundle which includes everything.

(Commentator’s note: ) Thankfully at the time of this writing, I was hooked up with the DJ Hero 2 Party Bundle. That $150 will be going elsewhere.

Then need I get started on Rock Band 3? To think that my friends tease me all the time for having over 500 songs on my Rock Band 2 setlist? And now with Rock Band 3 coming out I’ll be adding another 80+ songs to my list. But that’s not enough for me; the addition of the keyboard means I’m going to be adding ANOTHER instrument to my collection. I guess $130 of the above mentioned $150 will be heading that way.

And you watch, next thing I’ll want will be one of the pro level guitars. Eventually I’m going to graduate from Expert, and to get ready for MAGFest (which I’m sure will have a full 7 PERSON PRO Rock Band setup, including last year’s Ion Drum Rocker) and I’ll be getting ready for that level.

I have two options available. The first is the Fender Mustang controller/hybrid MIDI guitar which retails for, that’s right, another $150. Or I can get really crazy and go for the fully functioning Fender Squier Stratocaster. I don’t even want to think of how much that will cost me, and I can’t find a retail price yet. I have a gut feeling it will end up costing me $300…ouch.

But all of those will not hit as much for me as the impending launch of Kinect. This has been an item I have been waiting to see back when it was launched as Project Natal, and with it just around the corner we will finally see the results. But again, that’s another $150 out of my pocket. A third of it is already paid off but I need to come up with the rest, as well as another $50 for Dance Central. This holiday season is going to be a heavy burden on my wallet to get so much great stuff.

And of course, I’ll also be adding that $300 I spent on a 4th Generation iPod Touch! Keep this up and I won’t be able to afford my hotel room for MAGFest.

Currently Playing: DJ Hero 2 (360)

Waiting For: Rock Band 3 with Keyboard (360,) Dance Central (360/Kinect)

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