Sonic Rush Speeds To Retail


SEGA of America, Inc. today announced that Sonic Rush Adventure, created exclusively for the Nintendo DS, has shipped to stores across North America. Sonic Rush Adventure takes Sonic fans on an exciting high-speed island-hopping adventure filled with action-packed gameplay and all-new vehicles. Taking full advantage of the DS Touch Screen, players can perform amazing tricks to avoid treacherous waters and dangerous enemies – all while keeping an eye on both screens thanks to the much-loved DS dual screen action.

Sonic Rush Adventure delivers the fast-paced adrenaline rush that DS players crave. Players clash with ruthless pirates along irresistibly fun 2D tracks packed with rings and power-ups to gather along the way. Gamers will set out from Windmill Village and scour islands to find raw materials to allow Tails to create high-powered water vehicles. Exploring further and further out to sea, battle epic 3D bosses and finally come face-to-face with the ultimate pirate foe – Captain Whisker. Along the way, the finely-tuned DS Touch Screen is used to control to fight battles at sea and rack up points. Amazing aerial flips and turns are possible using the water-based vehicles that are all-new to the Sonic world. Lush green lands, eerily haunted pirate ships, and icy cold snowy mountains are just a few of the environments players will explore while they discover enemy-filled islands that will offer even the most experienced Sonic fan a challenge.

While in single-player action mode, players will be able to snowboard down avalanches, springboard off giant mushrooms, swing from vines, and hang glide across massive gaps. For players who like a little bit of competition, Sonic Rush Adventure also features two battle modes utilizing the DS wireless capabilities. Players can face-off in non-stop dual screen races or see who is the fastest collector of hidden treasures spread all over the map.

Sonic Rush Adventure for the DS is rated "E" for everyone by the Entertainment Software Review Board and has an MSRP of $29.95.

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