Some 360 Sales Turn Violent

Although for the most part the midnight madness moniker for Xbox sales was just that, in one location a full on brawl ended sales.

According to police reports, in Elkton, Maryland, customers waited in line for the new Xbox 360 to go on sale at 12:01 Tuesday. Some customers at the local Wal-Mart were in line since around 4 pm. Customers apparently devised a numbering system amongst themselves so that they could leave the line to use the bathroom or to get food without forfeiting their new 360 system.

Wal-Mart apparently did not like the customer's system and a store manager came out to announce that the devices would be sold on a first come, first served basis and that the company would ignore the numbering system. The unfortunate manager became the target of a lot of anger and one person in line described the scene after the announcement as "all hell broke loose." The situation rapidly disintegrated in to a full on brawl with some three hundred people fighting each other and Wal-Mart employees.

Ten police cruisers responded to the fight and were able to break up the crowd. Many people suffered trample injuries and wounds from the fight, but nobody was seriously hurt, according to the reports. Police forced everyone to leave, and no Xbox 360 units were sold.

GiN Reviewer Todd Hargosh had better luck at a Best Buy in Sterling, Virginia. His crowd's numbering system was honored, and he was the nineteenth person in line to purchase a new system. A full on review of the 360 from Hargosh is in the works.

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