Skin Betting and Video Games – What’s that and how does it work?

Skins are about character’s appearance only. They may be graphic or audio downloads and don’t have any other value except for changing the way game characters look. They don’t have any effect on character’s powers or the further outcome of the game.

It all started with Counter Strike. 12 years after the release of classic Counter Strike version in 2000, they decided to improve the visuals and created “skins” for characters and their equipment in Counter-Strike:Global Offensive. These are basically designs and costumes that only enhance visual experiences from the game.

The price of a “skin” is strongly connected to its popularity. They can be purchased with real money through OPSkins or CSGOShop websites.

How skin betting works

Skins have improved with time, which resulted in the increase of their value. Now skins are a full-fledged currency, commonly used in video games. Steam and some third-party websites have gathered to allow the use of skins as currency. The most popular way to use it is gambling. This approach is widely spread in Asia where brands like Gclub offer their services online.

The roulette, which is same to the one in casinos, is the most common way to wanger with skins. Other ways to gamble are also familiar to those of casinos, like spinning the slots, playing blackjack or poker. What you have to do is have the skin trade between you and the house, and then gamble.

What you can do as a parent?

Any form of gambling is addictive in its nature. But before you start worrying about your child gambling, figure out how addiction-prone their personality is. It’s also important to understand the purposes of your child’s gambling. Talk to them about it and find out what they lack in real life that they are trying to find through gambling.

If they are serious about gambling and don’t see a problem in it when it’s obvious, turn to a specialist. Therapy is a secure way to treat your child’s addiction. Apart from this, a therapist may help your child unleash their talents and desires that they never knew about. Speaking out is the key.

Government reactions in different countries

Governmental responses to skins gambling haven’t seem to be pleasing. In 2016, the Gambling Commission of Washington ordered to stop skins transferring through Steam Platform for gambling purposes.

In the same year, Australia’s senator proposed a law, which would consider all video games with virtual economy, as games of chance. They would also be regulated by gambling laws.

In Norway in March 2017 all forms of skin gambling were declared illegal.

In 2018, Danish government blocked several skin-gambling websites.

In addition, the Gambling Regulators European Forum conference took place in September 2018, where the state of Washington and members of 15 European nations have come to a decision to put in collective effort and address the risks of the not-so-clear difference between gaming and gambling. Third-party websites that provide a platform for skin-gambling is their primary focus.

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