Serious Play Student Game Award Winners Announced

Four university-affiliated studios have won awards in the International Serious Play Awards for games designed for use in education or training.

Students at Carnegie Mellon’s Entertainment Technology Center (CMU ETC) won the only Gold Medal. Silver medals were won by students at Stanford and CMU ETC. Bronze Medals were won by students at DePaul University, Bradley University and CMU ETC.

Gold Medal Games:

CMU ETC’s Gold Medal game, Prism, is a transformational web browser game designed for 3rd and 4th grade children to promote empathy for individuals with autism.

Silver Medal Games:

Stanford’s student game, You Left Me, is an experimental narrative game designed to provide a cathartic experience for the bereaved.

CMU ETC’s student-created game for use in Higher Education, Mind Field, gives players an interactive experience that provides tools for dealing with subtle forms of racism.

Bronze Medal Games:

DePaul University’s students created a 2D side scroller game based on medical information and life stories of people with sickle cell anemia that aims to raise awareness of this genetic disease.

L.U.M.P.I. Space Adventure, created by students at Bradley University, is designed to teach children about the concepts of freeze-casting, satellite construction and space exploration.

Trash Traders, a K12 education game from CMU ETC students, engages K12 students by having them learn about recycling and sustainability.

Thin Line, created by students at Carnegie Mellon University, Entertainment Technology Center with the support of the Ryan Program, provides a Virtual Reality experience that immerses users in a woman’s personal experience of an unplanned pregnancy.

Winners will have a chance to attend this summer’s Serious Play Conference Events and display their games. This year conferences will be held at George Mason University July 10-12, 2018 and University at Buffalo July 17-19. For more information on the conferences, go to and to

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