Serious Games Summit Planned for DC

Digitalmill, the co-founders of The Serious Games Initiative and CMP Game Group are joining forces in presenting the Serious Games Summit, a conference that addresses the use of interactive gaming technology in non-entertainment sectors. The conference will be held Monday-Tuesday, Oct. 18-19, 2004 in Washington, D.C. Session descriptions and registration are now live at

The Serious Games Summit will cover top line design, production, technology, and assessment issues related to the use of games in education, policy, national defense, homeland security, training and other non-entertainment sectors. Case studies of game-based solutions and simulations in development or already in use in military training, k-12 education, college curriculums and government management will be presented.

Professionals from the public and private sectors, policymakers, contractors, military personnel, government administrators, educators and experts in the game development arena will meet.

"Due to the success and energy level the Serious Games Summit enjoyed in conjunction with the GDC, we’ve decided to bring the exploration of games technology used for non-entertainment purposes to where the Serious Games Initiative was originally born, Washington D.C.," said Ben Sawyer, co-founder, Serious Games Summit. "As games become an everyday part of our culture, more organizations are finding incredible uses for the technology, talent, and ideas behind this new art form. That’s why this is becoming a major new sector within the games industry and our mission is to grow that field."

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