SEGA To Co-Publish Matrix Online

Sega of America, Inc. and Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment, today announced an agreement to co-publish The Matrix Online, the first massively multiplayer online game (MMOG) based on Warner Bros. Pictures’ popular Matrix property.

Under the terms of the worldwide exclusive deal, SEGA will manage distribution of The Matrix Online, while Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment will oversee content development and manage the live game operations. Both companies will supervise ongoing game development and marketing activities for the game. The Matrix Online is expected to launch in November 2004.

"We are pleased to combine SEGA's seasoned gameplay, game production and distribution experience with the total vision, execution and completion of The Matrix Online production," said Jason Hall, Senior Vice President of Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment. "Utilizing state-of-the-art graphics techniques and a revolutionary tactile combat system, The Matrix Online uniquely possesses the true potential to cross over into a mass market of online gaming."

"SEGA is thrilled to join Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment to provide gamers around the world an opportunity to participate in the authentic and continuously evolving world of The Matrix," said Hideaki Irie, President and COO, SEGA of America, Inc. "With The Matrix Online, a North American-developed title with a development span of more than four years, both companies are boldly staking a claim in the ever-expanding world of massively multiplayer games."

The Matrix Online is a MMOG where tens of thousands of players will jack into the Matrix world to take an active role in continuing the saga of The Matrix movie trilogy. Developed by Monolith Productions in conjunction with the Wachowski Brothers, creators of The Matrix trilogy, the game will be a re-creation of the virtual world of the Matrix, employing cutting-edge 3-D graphics, networking and server technology. Gameplay in The Matrix Online will be based on intricate and exciting "wire-fu" combat, an extensive mission structure, social interaction and a completely customizable skill and ability system.

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