Second Life Holding Convention

Second Life Residents today announced the first annual Second Life Community Convention (SLCC), to take place at New York Law School October 8th and 9th, immediately following the NYLS’s 3rd Annual State of Play conference. Completely conceived of and organized by Second Life Residents, the SLCC brings together over 150 participants from all over the world to New York City for a day and a half of presentations, demos and conversation about the future of Second Life and the Metaverse – the emerging 3-D World Wide Web. See the full convention site at

‘It’s entirely appropriate that Second Life Residents have developed and organized this event," said Philip Rosedale, CEO and Founder of Second Life. ‘Everything in Second Life is created by the Residents. Why should the Convention be any different? We’re psyched the Residents have taken on such an undertaking and are making it a great success."

A unique aspect of the SLCC will be the ability for Residents to participate in the event regardless of their location. This is facilitated by the live, mixed-reality simulcast from New York Law School into a virtual recreation of the convention in Second Life. Likewise, video from the virtual convention will be streamed live to New York Law School for an interactive experience with a dynamic virtual world.

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