Save The Turtles Ships

Sabarasa announced today that Save the Turtles, an entertaining and challenging puzzle game, is available exclusively for Nintendo DSiWare for 500 Nintendo points. Set in real world beach locations, Save the Turtles allows players to provide baby sea turtles with safe passage to the ocean by navigating the treacherous costal settings filled with unforgiving predators like the ever-resourceful seagull and the crafty pincer crab as well as other perilous dangers including the harmful sun’s powerful rays and manmade hazards such as oils spills and refuse.

Boasting addictive gameplay modes for continuous hours of mind-bending fun, Save the Turtles possesses an animated flare reminiscent of Saturday morning cartoons overflowing with cheerfully bright colors, real life environmental issues and puzzles that increase in complexity. Save the Turtles features four addictively captivating gameplay modes that include "Save the World," "Tidal Wave," "Turtles Forever" and "Quick Play."

"Save the Turtles allows puzzle solving fans to test their mental abilities by aiding endangered sea turtles as they burst forth from their shells and embark on a life or death trek to the safety of the cooling ocean water," said Javier Otaegui, CEO and founder of Sabarasa. "Save the Turtles’ offers fans four exciting gameplay modes making this DSiWare game an entertaining and challenging experience that is both visually pleasing and mentally stimulating."

"Save the World" presents 32 levels of fun puzzles that increase in complexity as players endeavor to rescue all seven species of baby sea turtles using the Nintendo DSi’s stylus to hatch uncovered eggs from beneath the warm sand.

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