Saitek Adding Realistic Airplane Control Lineup

The Saitek Group, has further committed to those who love to fly by adding new and advanced products to the company's Pro Flight Series. The company today formally announced the addition of the Pro Flight Yoke and the Pro Flight Throttle Quadrant which "took off" with rave reviews from hard core flight-sim enthusiasts. These newest models are designed to compliment and work in tandem with Saitek's Pro Flight Rudder Pedals that "landed" late last year and became instant best-sellers.

"As hardcore flight sim enthusiasts ourselves, we are especially excited about these new controllers," said Mark Starrett, product marketing manager of Saitek Group. "The level of reality achieved with the new yoke and throttle is truly amazing; they look and feel like they were yanked right out of a Cessna or 747 aircraft. These additions to Saitek's flight controller line push us to a whole new level of dominance in the flight sim world and we're pleased to bring this level of entertainment and reality to flying enthusiasts around the globe."

The Pro Flight Yoke System, priced at $149.95, aims to replicate the control system of a real-life airplane. Designed using direct feedback from seasoned pilots, the USB-powered Pro Flight Yoke has an integrated chronometer for in-flight timing and an ultra-stable two-position desk clamp to keep the system sturdy for a steady flying experience. Crafted from precision stainless steel, the yoke's shaft is solid and sturdy – designed to last for thousands of flight cycles. The included throttle controls can be positioned independently for a realistic experience. In addition, the yoke includes an integrated three port USB 2.0 hub and mounting points for additional components – future-proofing this must-have flight controller system.

The Pro Flight Throttle Quadrant, priced at $49.99, is the only throttle on the market to feature three independent levers which are used for various axis commands, such as throttle, fuel mixture, prop pitch, etc. In addition, the lever ends are removable and independently color-coded for custom rearrangements (cockpit personalization is important to true flying aces). All total, Saitek's Pro Flight Throttle Quadrant includes three independent axis levers, nine button controls (six toggle buttons plus three additional buttons that work in concert with a lever move and can be programmed to perform additional flight controls) and a two-position desk clamp to enable the quadrant to be mounted in front of or on top of the desk so that users can customize the experience to best fit their body and flying position. Also included in this flight, is Saitek's Smart Technology programming software
for total access control and customization. Put together, these stand-out flight sim features make the Pro Flight Throttle Quadrant the most realistic controller for the ultimate in immersive flight.

The Saitek Pro Flight Series includes the X52 Pro, priced at $199.95, the Pro Flight Rudder Pedals, priced at $129.95 in addition to the new Pro Flight Yoke and Pro Flight Throttle.

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