Runt Releases Demo For Rapscallion Game

Runt, Inc., a hot new indie developer taking part in IGN’s Indie Open House program, announced its first free demo release of their new highly anticipated title, Rapscallion. The demo is a beta build released with the purpose of showing off core gameplay elements and soliciting feedback from gamers around the world. The demo is available for download:



"Runt plans to release many demos before the final release of Rapscallion. It’s an excellent way to get feedback from our fans as we progress in the production of our game," said Tobias Batton, CEO of Runt. "We are excited about the opportunity to work with Fileplanet and IGN for our first release, and extremely excited to gain valuable feedback from our fans on the direction of our game."

Runt began working on Rapscallion late 2010. They anticipate a multi-platform release for PC, MAC, and potentially consoles during Q1 2012.

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