Runestone Contracts Alchemic Dream

Runestone Game Development today announced a contract with Alchemic Dream Inc., leader in customer services for MMGs, to provide customer support, localization and game mastering services for Runestone's upcoming MMG Seed.

"Seed brings a new vision of the MMG gameplay experience to the market," explains Aurélien Merville, CEO of Alchemic Dream Inc. "AI technology and stories systems involve the player in the universe to a new extent. We are happy to provide our dedicated services to Runestone in order to help this company getting and keeping a satisfied audience in a lively virtual world!"

"In Seed we focus on personal, interactive stories," Lars Kroll Kristensen, CEO of Runestone Game Development says. "We want our players to immerse themselves into the world and to be active members of a greater community. Therefore it is important for us that they are in the best of hands both in-game and in our forums, and we feel confident that they will be so with Alchemic Dream in charge."

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